Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Craigslist [True] Tales: Compendium

Many people have written me about, "The C[T]T". Many state that they would like to follow the "Blognovel" more easily, since, it appears too difficult to do so because, I am publishing its "Blogepisodes" within and between some irrational randomized elapses of time, and therefore they have advised me to do what I have done it with the "El Arado Herbal Power Series", i.e., to build a sort of compendium or index so they can follow this BlogSequel more closely. Well, Here is my first effort about this and thank you, very much indeed, for letting me know about and for your interest in "the C[T]T", here it is a list in links of what it has been published so far of "The C[T]T" and I think I have ordered this list accordingly, you will let me know, don't you?

The Craigslist [True] Tales: The Compedium

£] Second Part

╖►It shall continue ...

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