Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Graigslist [True] Tales - First Part: With Dante at the Doors of Hell or Lyrics Not Included

As I was walking by the central part of the Central Park near the midnight and under the heaviest raining of this year so far, I was approached by a stranger who at the time was singing, when he was almost a foot away from me, he stopped his singing and [he] blatantly asked me, with an Italian accented English, if I were one of the "running Rams", I answered him, "I'm sorry but I don't know what the hell do you mean, first it of all, I am not a ram..." Then, he told me, very assertively so, that he knew exactly that I wanted to understand the current present through the "eyes" of the many cultures therein, and that he could help me for doing so.

I was perplexed by the rare looks of this character but, what do I really know? I have lived in New York City for so long to make questions about or get impressed by how people dressed or talk, I still enjoy to talk to anybody no matter how they look, do, or say. Therefore, I thought, I will follow the thread of this person, who knows what I could learn from him this time. So I replied [him] rather curiously, "how come?" He just stated, "follow me and, I shall show you the doors of hell but before we go into its circles", just look a that tree and to all those trees out there". I immediately, thought, what I would like to go to hell now if I am living the hell out of this place, but when I put my eyes into "that" three and the others [trees] I understood somehow why I needed to follow his path ... "well", I said, "sorry but what is your name?", and the individual responded, "my name is Dante but my friend Virgil shall meet us as well at the first circle of hell"; "...and where is precisely that circle sir?" I uttered rather nervously, and Dante shouted at me immediately, "at Columbus Circle, of course!". After hearing this, I knew that no matter what, I had to follow him...

Below is the poster that I saw posted in every tree around the central part of the Central Park in that moment; "the running ram" is a real major and mayoral problem, almost endemic, especially for the North-American democracy model, which incidentally is having many crises at once and its circles are creeping around the world. However, I will let you a link so you can read a little more about of this third pretension to the "throne" of NYC, the article is titled, "The Bloomberg Syndrome" and the author is the reputable Jewish researcher, journalist and writer, who, by the way, was "aboriginally" born in New York, Mr. Ron Rosenbaum ►here

Anyway, a beautiful woman came by to where we were talking, apparently she knew Dante very well from the "past", as Dante called her "Beatrice", "the muse of my comedy", and she said to us, "before you continue taking "the highway to hell" at 'Columbus Circle', you just come with me to the heaven's theater for listening how Peter Seeger and Jim Garland sing "I don't want your millions Mister" to remind all old and new yorkers, what they should say to Bloomberg on this upcoming next NYC Mayoral election which is scheduled someday on September 2009", then she nodded her head for a while and rectified herself: "In this case though, and because this divine and bovine economical crisis, we should sing together, 'We don't want your billions Mister'."

Well, as for me, my dear reader and because this song is from heavens, I am posting it in here so you can also listen what these two "angels" sang for the real old and new yorkers. Here is the "YouTube":

Another version below, the one that I have put it here two year ago they have moved or deleted, and I can find anymore, it is a shame, however this below is the inimitable voice of Jim Garland (August 25, 2011/JMK)

So you also can sing to this Mayor who wants to continue to be a Mayor for the third time here are the Lyrics:

I don't want your [b]illions, mister

I don't want your millions, mister
no, i don't want your diamond ring
all i want is the right to live, mister
now give me back my job again
give me back my job again
all i want is the right to live, mister
give me back my job again

I don't want your rolls royce, mister
no, i don't want your pleasure yacht
all i want is food for my babies
give to me my old job back

we worked to build this country, mister
while you enjoyed a life of ease
you've stolen all that we've built, mister
now our children starve and freeze .

Otherwise you can sing : AC/DC "Highway to Hell" [no lyrics included]

I will continue... First Circle from Columbus Circle to ...

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