Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Craigslist [True] Tales- Part II: Ode to the Church of Wall Street

Ode to the Church of Wall Street
By John M. Kennedy

Submerged, almost devoured by those financial buildings.
Like being almost ready to be buried but not as yet
An eternal "as yet" though

Within that very agitated life of nothingness,
Of avariciousness and heartlessness,
Surrounded completely and definitely by a culture only dedicated to
money making
With and on faith

Resolute and all composed,
Before all that worldly fornication
perpetrated in those wholly fortifications,
Thus this church is erected,
Practically in the center of Wall Street…

Could it be a witness, a judge, a Control Processing Unit, a “Read Only Memory”?
OK can be a hard disk made out of bricks, but...

How and why does this church stands right in there?
As a forgiver, or as a mere predicament of hell in this earth…?

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