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The Craigslist [True] Tales: BlogEpisode III - Act I: Circumdederunt Me-Oh Lordi! Halleluja Is The Arockalypse From the Promised Land of Heavy Metal

From the [Viking] Promised Land of Heavy Metal

[From the last part of the Intro of Circumderet me]

Dante: "Correct... enjoy now the mere day, the instant in which you are alive, as also, the same place in which you are standing in this moment right now, [but] don't believe in tomorrow , or as Horace will put it originally in latin": 'Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero'

The enunciation of this sentence in Dante's Latin sounded so familiar for me. I had a strong déjà vu attack and for a moment or two I was immersed in a "House of Thousand Eyes" [video above] while at the same time I was gaining more and more respect for that 'caricaturization' of Dante in from of me.

John Manuel [JM]: OK, it seems that you have taken Latin as your major, but you are getting too far about all this charade, let me explain to you, "Dear Dante", very clearly though, the promised land does not has nothing to do with your inferno, or Finland or let alone, with heavy metal music.

Dante: "Non Abbiamo Tempo" [We don't have time] -- by saying this, he took his 'one size fits all' 120 Gb silver classic Ipod and over extending his arm all over my face, said, "Look, just look in here!", then and again, my jaw dropped widely open when, I saw the "Promised Land of Heavy Metal..." all the while, I could hear Dante Laughing, "Ha... Ha... Ha!?"....

Finland Promised Land of Heavy Metal [Pt.1]


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With "LORDI", we shall continue...

by ◙ JMK ◙ NYC ◙ 08-1-09

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