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The Craigslist [True] Tales: Second Part - BlogEpisode III - [Intro for] Circumdederunt Me

Please, Listen this sacra music [to set the tone] and continue into "Columbus Circle"

One of the most beautiful music ever created: "Circumdederunt me" from the "Missa Queramus cum pastoribus" interpreted divinely by "La Capella Reial de Catalunya" under the musical Conduction of Jordi Savall, by the way, this song is also interpreted by the choir of Westminster Cathedral.

Circumdederunt me gemitus mortis, dolores inferni circumdederunt me

Dante Alighieri's face?
Resultado final (cr�dito: Universidade de Bologna)

The final results surprised many experts who have studied Dante's life. These experts always imagined that the poet would have his nose longer that the one show in the model above made by a team of scientists at the University of Bologna. (Source: BBC Brasil).

Ozzy Osbourne Sings Hellraiser

Beatus ille ...
Horace's second Epod
[From the last part of the first Part] John Manuel[JM]: Why?! Why are there so many connections?!" -- When Dante heard my question, for the first time showed me his deep eyes by looking at my face but in a panoramic way, I had never seen eyes like that, and told me ...


It had just stopped raining but "Columbus Circle" seemed as if it were one of the circles of Dante's inferno. The streetlights bounced infinitely from all over the place and sometimes [they] submerged capriciously in dynamic colors inside the naturally watered plaza. I did not know what to expect, evenly, I did not know why I stayed with and followed to, all that long, this "Dante". I thought that in some way, I was doing almost the same as I have done all these years, I knew that I was in a kind of hell but I did not do much to get out of New York either, so with “Dante” I just let “things” happen to me. Anyways, something very special attracted and detained me with "Dante". Although, I was not sure about to start a trip or any Katabasis [or catabasis] with this Dante’s figure. I have never been in my life interested in, or worry about where or what hell was, or for that same matter in any of its supposed demons, but the 'possession' of that mysterious colors that Manhattan’s cityscape had in that instant made me wonder about it; all the vermilions, those orange tones and, the various grays tints, it looked like as a macabre under-painting, something related to the Verdaccio Leonardo used for the back-back-ground of the “Virgin of the rocks”. Besides, that strange appearance of my "host Dante” made me say to myself, "What a “wonderful” Underworld must be" and, so let’s go deep down there....

Virgen de las rocas, escena - Leonardo  da Vinci -

Dante[D]: Beatus ille...
John Manuel [JM]: Be... What?
D: Mi Dispiace, non capisco; (I am sorry , I don't understand?) I said 'Beatus Ille! for God Sake, can you just understand that?
JM: Look, I'm sorry too, but just in case, I am not the one who has come from 'nowhere' and now is here inviting people to the inner circles of his "hell", and now you have the "balls" to ask me if I could understand just what...? Hey, now I am the one who is asking you!, why did you state that there are so many connections between the "Craigslist [True] Tales (G[T]T)" and your inferno or why are you here bugging me with your hell? It doesn't make much sense [to me] after all and, even more so, when you just answered by uttering: "Beautus Ille!" so should I say in response, "Carpe Diem"?

Very soon after he heard this, Dante replied, by changing his gesture; his facial configuration appeared more relaxed in that moment and, then he slowly stated...
D: Correct... "enjoy now the mere day, the instant in which you are alive, as also, the same place in which you are standing in this moment right now, [but] don't believe in tomorrow", or as Horace will put it originally in latin: "Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero"

I wasn't completely sure what he meant by saying all of this to me, but adding how his voice sounded then and, all the paraphernalia he was wearing, I got more and more preoccupied about the real nature of this guy. If he were a simplistic idiotic "fashionista", like the one who is interpreted by that British Jewish Actor, Sacha Baron Cohen, in the film "Brüno", he wouldn't know anything or very little about Horace, "Beatus Ille" or "Carpe Diem" and, let alone he could put it that well within the context of our weird dialogue. Somehow, and all the sudden, as a rare inspiration, I started to think very seriously about those words ["Carpe Diem and Beatus Ille"] and how I came to know them and; more so, how I came across "Horace" in my life; perhaps more importantly, how, what I managed to learn about this poet, impacted me in many profound ways and for the rest of my days....

It shall continue.....

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