Friday, January 22, 2016

The Sacred Prophecy of The White Buffalo

This Prophecy of the White Buffalo has been kept within our Magaska Ptesan Wicoti, Hinhan Wicasa Oyate for more than 160 years. It was carried by Mato Gi, Phil Lane Sr., who was named Mato Gi by his Grandfather Tipi Sapa, (Black Lodge) after his older brother, Mato Gi, would rode the Bay Horse, Eagle Claws, and slay the White Buffalo Bull, as prophesied. Tipi Sapa,( Philip Deloria) received his name from his father Hinhan Wicasa after a life changing Vision Hinhan Wicasa received as young man at Medicine Butte when Hinhan Wicasa was 17 years old.

My Grandfather Vine Deloria Sr and my Uncle Wilfred Cadotte told me this prophecy often, as well as my father, Mato Gi. I heard my father speak on several occasions about this Prophecy with his Tahansi Henry Spotted Tail and others when we visited Ihanktowan Territory over the years. My 14 year old was given the name Mato Gi by his grandfather before he died. It turns out the latest generation of our Oyate who carries the Name Mato Gi, who rode the Bay Horse who slayed the White Buffalo was born on August 27, 2000, after White Buffalo Day was declared as August 27. That is why I decided to share it today. The time for the full fulfillment of this Sacred Prophecy of the White Buffalo is now!

My Uncle Vine Deloria Jr. briefly mentions this story of the White Buffalo Prophecy of the Magaska Ptesan Wicoti, Hinhan Wicasa Oyate, Ikanktonwan Oceti Sakowin in his book, Singing for a Spirit,. Many relatives are the direct carriers of the promises of this sacred Prophecy that was fulfilled by Mato Gi' and Bay Horse, Eagle Claws through the spiritual training and guidance of Hinhan Wicasa.

~ Chief Phil Lane Jr. - Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations

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