Thursday, January 21, 2016

◙ Scotland Forever! ◙

Only to share with you the following ideas and ideals, thank you with anticipation for your understanding.

A study from Legatum Institute (an independent non-partisan public policy organization whose research, publications, and programs advance ideas and policies) has found Ireland to be in the tenth place as the most prosperous country in the world! Is this telling you something?

United States is not included and of course neither is England too or the UK.

Can be Prosperity without Freedom or Justice or Peace?  

My grandfather always was dreaming of an Independent Scotland. He lived and died from afar the glorious lands, but his heart and mindset were all invested in his country: Scotland... He and my father showed me their love with their wisdom and the talent of their own hands.

I am sure, as much the same as the millions of Scottish around the world nowadays, they, we, want Scotland to be standalone over the face of this mere world....  

Independence, sovereignty, and peace forever for Scotland.. For its noble daughters and valiant sons. Scotland the nation perhaps the very first, real, nation with its rich culture in the history of all civilizations.

 ◙ John M. Kennedy ◙

P.S. In 2014 the majority of this nation (56.30%) as whole has voted to stay in the "Queendom" then, I would invite the others (43.70%) to visit and stay in Perú, extraordinary food, nice fishing, full of mysteries to study and solve, golf camps, with prosperity and also peace as well as we all humans love. While we will continue waiting for those next years to come; because no matter how long, it is only the right thing to do, and the time will eventually come for Scotland, evenly if nobody for now knows how many more years. Many people around the world maintains that this goal should be achieved for the betterment of humankind.

Nevertheless, I know that finally one day, hope not too far, we, all, will vote, as we all should, for what in all universes every intelligence knows, which is the very right thing to vote for, i.e., only for Scotland to be one independent country or nation. Freedom for England and Scotland, that is all!

Well, this is all my "singing" about it ... for now and forever....

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