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The Herbal Healing Power (Part IV): Boneset


Eupatorium perfoliatum

Thoroughwort – Indian sage – Feverwort – Agueweed - Crosswort, Teasel

Illustration from: Culbreth, David M. R., A Manual of Materia Medica & Pharmacology, Philadelphia & NY., Lea & Febiger, 1927, Illustrated by 497 Illustrations, No Jacket. . Original green cloth, book fine. 627 pgs. + index. black & white illustrations.

Scientific classification From Wikipedia

Photo: (Place): 関東地方, Kanto region In Japan • Copyright © 2005 by 撮影者 (Photographed by): Koba-chan • ライセンス (Licence): GFDL & cc-by-sa-2.5

Kingdom Plantae

Division Magnoliophyta

Not Classified as Yet Eudicot

Order Asterales

Family Asteraceae

Tribe Eupatorieae

Genus Myrica

Species Eupatorium - This plant is native from North America and the Original American knew how to use it against sicknesses.

Healing Powers

Aperient Diaphoretic Emetic Purgative (in large doses) Expectorant FebrifugeLaxative Stimulant ♦ Tonic (Mild)

“Phytotechniques” - Parts of the Plant Utilized


Traditionally or Folkloric Healing Applications

Bronchial disorders Catarrh (all manifestations) Colds • Coughs • Dyspepsia

• Fevers • General Debility • Indigestion • Influenza • Rheumatism


Thoroughwort or Boneset is a very common and familiar plant in low meadows and damp ground in North America, extending from Nova Scotia to Florida; however, its healing power is employed throughout the world, such as in Japan (see photo above).

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