Monday, November 24, 2008

Destroying Evil at 4 O’clock: A Retrospective Explanation of the Bush Doctrine

I used to love the TV series so called "The Twilight Zone". I was indeed very young, a 5 or 6 year-old boy, when I used to watch these series. Those stories as the acting were done with an unique craftsmanship for say the least, and many of those themes have become all true.

One particular episode has somehow stayed in my subconscious, and now I decided to share it with you. I started to have remembrances of this episode, when for the first time I listened the way in which the "Bush-son" had uttered the word "evildoers" from his podium and over my 24" inches TV set. As soon as I acknowledged his emphasis when he pronounced that word, I felt an intense discomfort and rare sensation over my skin and quite rapidly my life was already there, living at "The Twilight Zone" and more precisely, I feared that Bush sooner or later inevitably would experience his finest final hour at some point, eventually in one of those days and perhaps at "Four O'clock". However, I think that he is going to get away with all of what he has done and undone. In other words, he will be exonerated or will not be impeached. All his responsibilities or mistakes were for a good cause to win the "War on Terror". As it has been defined by the holy and sacred media, his acting shall be amounted by the title which serves as justification for his erroneous decisions, that is, he is a "Highly Functional Moron" or HFM President. Arguably one of the worst in the history of nations, definitely the worst in the history of the United States of America. I am starting to consider that this is the case that he was acting in good faith, but still he should have been called at least for a hearing, whether for this economic mess, for the privacy abuses on citizens' private life through electronic surveillance method, because the lack of evidence of the so-called weapons of mass destruction to declare a war to Iraq or because Katrina or torture... I mean there are so many issues, why congress has no been more proactive to follow the lead of some people? For instance, congressman Dennis John Kucinich who in June 25, 2008, presented a resolution supported by 35 articles of impeachment, and which somehow died a the judicial Committee of the sorts, because it seems that is up to de congress to define what constitutes or not a political impeachment. It was a very close battle, since the polls showed that a little less than the half of the representatives from both parties agreed that George W. Should be impeached for "high crimes and misdemeanors". In this regard Mr. Kucinich also moved toward the impeachment of Cheney read here in his resolution coded "HRES 333 IH", also there is an article in the Wikipedia called "Movement to impeach George W. Bush" It is altogether a progress in the right direction

Whatever, I have experienced over these last eight years the multiplication of the evil-hunters or many groups of people, which in different sizes and denominations hired evil-hunters and ghost-hunters to predicate and enforce divinity in our lives and using money and means to do just evil as well and in return. I have observed the resurrection of the inquisition by some of new order of Protestant-thinking; evenly, the mere Catholic Church was put into the "barbecue" as never before, in its entire history, over these past years in this country over accusations from people that were abuse by priests, bishop and evenly sacristans. It is all ironic that the founders of the Holy Inquisition were requisitioned by their own creation in a very especial way, no once but several times over and over, and finally the Pope would have not other avail or choice but to surrender some money and pay, and pay he did indeed, and in the name of the Holy Church and through a huge amount of dollars, with the purpose to finish with the bad reputation that the press campaigns were publicly providing to the public. It was a propaganda that somehow was mounted mysteriously by the agents of the press in this country and by those who claim to be the shield of goodness and combatants of the evil perhaps by some fanatics religious groups that hate the Catholic Church or want to recruit more people to feed their sects. Although their campaigns were proved effective and not only well funded, but well founded as well, with a lot of evidence from the numerous claimants: Man and women that were exploited by some clergymen sometime in their childhoods.

Same Atheists, gays, socialists or other freethinkers, were somehow seemed as a society's weirdos or undesirables, and for such were harassed by these groups, the same fortune experienced those who were agnostics. These groups has create their own strategy plans and "holyland" security offices. So all these people were blacklisted, as possible terrorists or troublemakers or a least as "persons of interest". So those who chose not to believe or declare themselves as ignorant or undecided about the existence or nonexistence of God, were treated harshly by some of his coworkers or evenly mentally tortured at their workplaces. Just because their postures and so pretext of godlike power some people opted to invade some other people's past, still their identities, damage reputations to ruins and exploit other people's private lives. It is absurd but they were a lot of victims of the most "sacrilegious" sadistic prejudice. On the other hand, Buddhists were an exception, they were allowed to be as such and treated well or they were seem as a plausible alternative to protestantism, only because their historical struggle against China which in fact is a communist country and for such an enemy of the "Protestant nation". Most Muslims were considered potential terrorists and because their religion, they were considered as traditional religious adversaries for these type of degenerated Christians. By the same token, most Jews were viewed as the natural allies in the fighting against evil. That was America under the hegemony of Bush's Republican kingdom. Anther instance, who was a Darwinist was considered as dangerous as a renegade, a blasphemous pervert, a heretic, and possibly, an enemy of the state.

In these eights years, I have witnessed torture, whether while watching images unwillingly over the incessant news on radio, TV or in the newspapers about actions that were perpetrated in Iraq or at Guantanamo bay. I have in my own flesh experienced situations in which "security" meant for me to be just in a sense of another type of much more deeper fear. These are times in which the level of cynicism in the media has reached astonishingly new records of stupidity. Who can trust the media? We all know that what only we are doing by listening or watching the news or to those political commentators, is just to receive the messages on behalf of the owners of the media channels, the oligarchs, actually the owners of the media and now the owners of our lives, those who configure our reality as it were a simple operating system or a game console. These people are just all dictators with FCC licenses, who believe in the democracy of the funnel, that is, the big side for them and small side for the rest of us, in other words for them people are not only expendable they could be digested, toileted and them recycle, yes you right, in organs in bones or anything that cam be monetized and for such could give them the right "Margin of profit". Now, what is the right "margin of profit" or "mark-up" well it depend of how greedy they feel and because greedy or fear are their only two motivator then "Margin of Profit" equates to the sum of "the more the better". I do not know about you, but something ought to change, ought to be change and that change needs to be profound.

In the verge of changing, only America could change within of what it is now, and so it is bounded with many legacy policies therein from the Bush's administration, all what will remind with us for a long...long time, in many ways they could obstruct the development of new programs or new political initiatives. Those who have the chance of living in New York before, during and after 9/11, and those of us who embrace and make diligent efforts to develop a freethinking and open-minded attitude, towards privacy, personal freedoms, sexual orientations and religious beliefs preferences, are the one who believe in the ideas behind a real democracy; for all of such aforementioned, I believe, we would never be able to forget this retrograde and deflationary set of unfortunate events that have been taken place in these last, and most infamous, years. Infamous for the American History and also for of the world at large. A shame for our western civilization as a whole, it has been a tragedy comparable in pain and sorrow to the Theban plays of Sophocles.

We shall remember Nero because he had this "magnificent" idea of burning Rome out of his own "artistic" and inspirational needs as we are told by Suetonius in his sixth book. As many historians are writing about just now what the Bush presidency means altogether, we are curious to understand how they would describe these last eight years. Perhaps, we need to come back retrospectively to "The Twilight Zone" and look for some explanation, or for just coping and to make some sense of all of it. Point in case, it is this episode "Four O'clock", it seems as one of the best explanations about the underpinnings of the Bush doctrine. ◙JMK◙NY◙ Here is the show... enjoy it!

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