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Healing Herbal Power VII: Chamomile the Noble Herb


Anthemis nobilis

Ground Apple – Whip plant


Scientific classification From Wikipedia

Photo: by Simplicius @ 2005 licensed under GFDL ver. 1.2

Kingdom Plantae

Division Magnoliophyta

Class Magnoliopsida

Order Asterales

Family Asteraceae

Tribe • Anthemideae

Genus Anthemis

Species A. Nobilis Cataria

Healing Powers

Anodyne Antispasmodic ♦ Aromatic ♦ Carminative

Stomachic ♦ Tonic

Phytotechniques” - Parts of the Plant Utilized


Traditionally or Folkloric Healing Applications

Appetite Stimulant • Bronchial Ailments Colic • Gastrointestinal Disorders’ • Hysteria • Indegestion • Menstrual Cramps • Nervous disorders • Nightmares

External Use

Earaches [drops] ♠ Eyewash ♠ Hair Brightener [tea] ♠ Open Sores♠ Wounds [poultice] ♠ Ringing Ears ♠ Swollen Glands

Roman Chamomile

How could I fail to mark her from that hour?
The light step, the meek grace, the watchful love
With which she went about her mother's house,
Feeding, sustaining, cheering that old parent,
Reft of her husband, and twelve other children,
And having only this ewe lamb of love
To lie in her bosom, were to me divine.
Up lightly rose she, ere the lark arose
O'er the wide frosty meadows of the spring,
To do her careful work.
The summer eve
Shone sweetly on her, as she sate and knit
By her old mother on the lowly bed
Of chamomile, or neighbouring woodland seat,

Loving the green society of trees.

POEMS. Thomas Aird, 1802-1876: A MOTHER'S BLESSING

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