Wednesday, September 30, 2009

At the End of Capitalism as We know it The Last Direct "Moore" Message to President Obama

Michael Moore at the 66th Venice International Film Festival on 06/09/2009. The Photograph author is Nicolas Genin who posted it at Flickr under the license of Creative Commons for more information about this photo visit the following links:

Michael Moore has stated many things but the majority of these statements have been supported with abundant hard videotaped evidence organized in his documentaries. Documentaries that show the reality that we have experienced and still are experiencing. Few people know or remember the great documentaries that Charles Guggenheim and his production Company were able to make. The best documentaries of Guggenheim are not too commercial for the taste of those whose business is the entertainment, however the historical and anthropological value is incalculable. Michael has put up with the brutish and "bullshitic" bushism of the previous administration and he is telling us as if he were a the next-door guy what we are experiencing the end of the capitalism, let me quote him from his remarks about it in a recent interview made on November 18th, 2008 with Larry King, he said the following, as Larry in vain wanted to silence his words:

These guys, for all that stuff they've been telling us all these years about, 'Go capitalism! Free market! Free enterprise!' They don't believe in any of that. They don't believe in free enterprise or free market. They want socialism for themselves. They want a handout and a net for themselves. To hell with everybody else, but give it to them. And I think, really, what we're seeing now -- with them, with the banks -- we're seeing the end of capitalism. The end of capitalism as we know it and I say good riddance. It hasn't helped the people or the planet."

Here is the Source, meaning the interview of Moore with Larry King:

In other interview conceded for CNBC, he stated that our political-economic system is outdated and basically is unfair, for state the least. While Michael define what really is "capitalism" in these days... Lets us listen him and those "poisonous spiders" attack him and defending their stupidity the "Youtube":

Let's understand what he meant by stating "No other Western Democracy does this to its people" or "You haven't lost us"... and let's listen this, his direct message, not only to President Obama but, for extension, more importantly to all Americans about the necessary Health Care Reform, here in a "YouTube" is Michael Moore at the
Public Citizen headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, September 29th, 2009.

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