Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Oldest University of America

This Wikipedia "Conversation" solves a lot of problems about the controversy on which is the oldest University of America and why.

The oldest university of America controversy

Well, I love the page, and I am living in New York for so long, preaching about that San Marcos is the oldest Univ. but having to deal with many, many people especially with the Dominicans, who claim the contrary, I have almost believed them. Well good arguments and facts now I have more "ammunition" to defend my position.
I am taking this opportunity to ask for your collaboration, with our entries and mostly with our "National Page", which I believe is locked or protected, and thus you have to get into the 'bureaucracy' to get in and finally edit it. I just came here so you may have a better chance for doing it so. Assuming that you are Peruvians, have time and want to do it in the first place. Like this page there are other many entries about our country Perú which needs our help, if we don't do it, who will then?
Many entries needs help, I am starting to work in several languages, but in here, in English, we are kind of messy, except for your page of course; for instance read how is written and what they are saying about our history in our own page. I think it needs more work, if we compare it with others pages then we know is true. Well see your contribs. You will start to see mine as well. thanks and Good Luck!! and sorry for use some of this space. Hope I didn't intrude. Last time if I did it so " arriba, arriba hasta las estrellas... en Wikipedia?". UserUser: 2007

The Follow up:

  • The Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (Autonomous University of Santo Domingo) was founded in 1914, not in 1538. This university, in current Dominican Republic, expects to be a “primatial university of America” in spite of the fact that it holds, against every Latin American legislation of the time, a foundation illegally authorised by the Pope in 1538; it has been officially recognised by the monarchy just in 1747 like "Universidad de Santo Tomás de Aquino"; it has been prohibited by Royal Letter of 1758 the use of that false title insulting universities of Lima and Mexico. As if it were not enough, the Santo Tomás University was definitively extinguished in 1824, having no relationships with the current one (founded in 1914), because it is a new and different institution that seeks to recover for itself its colonial predecessor's history. The Universidad de San Marcos (San Marcos University) of Lima was also, and continue being, the oldest university in the world out of the European continent, founded on 12th May 1551, and for this reason it takes the deserved title of “dean of America” (the oldest, not necessarily the first), since it is the only university that survives, uninterruptedly, since the XVIth century. (Miguel Angel del Castillo M., 29-VIII-07)

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