Thursday, January 28, 2016

The PlasmaBot Marionette

It is a 7-foot-tall glowing robot made out of glass, and of course, of plasma; ts inventor, Wayne Strattman, has called it the "PlasmaBot". 

It helps if one realizes that Mr. Strattman is an expert glassblower, and also has a lot of experience on plasma discharge lighting.

If you have seen restaurants with psychedelic walls with lighting special effects, perhaps, those environments were produced by "Luminiglas," which is basically just another invention of the creator of the "glassbot".

This PlasmaBot is full of gas Krypton acted upon at a pressure of 1/7 atmosphere. The "secret" of its bright and blue robot-luminescence is due to a tiny little of iodine that the Mr. Strattman has put it somehow into the mix.

A formula that he has discovered by experimenting with gasses, and by varying and applying to the gaseous mix different electrical inputs, the amount of pressure, and other factors. It seems that this is a new field altogether, in other words: Suspended Robot Dynamics, in combination with the art of gas plasma sculpture? Go figure and/or watch the videos below...

Below: The Luminiglas

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