Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Still Learning

It was written while participating in a faculty development workshop (on October 20, 2015, although this day was immensely sad for me after all )

According to the experts the drawing above is one of the best depictions of Michelangelo's semblance. It was drafted by "Il Braghettone,"  perhaps better known as Daniele da Volterra. I am bringing Michelangelo in here, because in spite that he is one of the best known artist in mankind's history,yet many people ignore how he began and decided to take that path towards the highest high degree of mastery that he eventually was able to achieve during the span of his almost 89 years living in this earth. 

If you were thinking that there is a link, or a direct connection between what was happening in Florence and the quality of work of Michelangelo, you are entirely correct!

I am not going to write in here about the details on how "Il Divino" (as he was called, "the divine one") was divinely inspired by the works of Masaccio, Ghiberti, Giotto, Cimabue, or even from Pico della Mirandola (Philosopher) et al., all that has been made very obvious from and can clearly be understood by reading one of the two biographies published when Michelangelo was still alive, thia one by Georgio Vasari; precisely, in that seminal book "Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects, from Cimabue to Our Times". [I invite those who would not have the chance otherwise to read it, and to take a good look to its contents: It is Inspiring! 

Inspiring! in this way I am see all of you as "IT Michelangelos," ready to awe and inspire students, you are able to see what others simply cannot. Is or is not that the University of Phoenix and  we, its IT Faculty, have the same Mission, Vision and purposes, as the mere Michelangelo had in the first place?

I considered myself a lifelong learner, I am constantly learning how to facilitate the absorption and acquisition of highly practical professional skills. Also, I see that every student has the potential to become the very best of what he or she can be; on this note, I see myself, the University and all of you, providing the students the necessary tools so they can go a little further still evenly when they erroneously would have believed they cannot go any further. 

Well, it is clear for me, there is a  straight line between our  "learning" and the mission, vision and purposes of the University and this line is connected for forming successful, well-rounded professionals, who in turn will impact their families and their communities in many positive and meaningful ways. 

John M. Kennedy 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Interactive map of Linux kernel

Interactive map of Linux kernel

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