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The "Gates" of Glorification

The Post:

"A NSF study reveals humans have upwards of 50,000 thoughts a day, and that 95% of these thoughts are repetitive. Numerous studies have shown 70-80% of thoughts are negative. From an evolutionary perspective, anxiety and negativity are highly adaptive normal healthy traits. An obsessive focus on fear was critical to survival in ancient times. How we manage our millions of thoughts and emotions determines how we feel. Cognitive Therapy is effective because of the direct relationship between the thoughts we choose to focus on, and how we feel and experience life. CT has been used extensively to assist people to identify and change unhelpful or inaccurate thinking (obsessions), problematic behavior (addictions), and distressing emotional responses (depression, anxiety, PTSD). An area of neuroscience study called "neuroplasticity" reveals when we change how we view our thoughts and feelings, we change neural pathways and can greatly improve our state of mind and quiet our chattering caveman brains. "Emotional Intelligence" is a field of study that teaches skills to manage emotions, implemented by business leaders such as Bill Gates. We have strong capabilities to alter how our brain operates, but this subject is a tricky to consider. We feel helpless, and our egos are strengthened by pain and suffering, so it can be tough to make positive changes... because a big part of us is resistant to it."

First Comment:

"I see this type of RBET (Albert Ellis et al.) works for Gates as he and others like him are unable to understand what is empathy... Hence the technological dependence and decadence of this era..."


John Manuel you state 'Gates and others' like him lack empathy. where is your evidence? you do realise the main characteristic of a psychopath is the absence of empathy.

My answer:


It is a long conversation, but examine the data available, there is an ample documentation and documentaries about it from where you can examine the behaviors and extrapolate your own conclusions, this can be minimally explained by people with Asperger Syndrome and/or Autism. By 'this' I mean the way they were carrying their business, for example, listen (and it has been filmed) what the Electric Engineer, Robert (Bob) Metcalfe, the creator of Ethernet on May 22, 1973, has to say about his bitter relation with Microsoft and how they practically ransacked him, but he was not the only one though... many companies as well received the same "treatment"... I personally believe in competition but I also happen to believe in fairness and rationality...

Metcalfe after so many years of fustigating the Free, Libre, and Open Source (FLOSS) movement has publicly acknowledged this mistake while Gates and Microsoft now are trying to exploit the ideas embedded in this noble way to create and develop software without saying even thank you to the community that created voluntarily in the first place. Steve "Monkey" used to say: " The Open Source is like cancer... " and he made sure than everybody in the world should hear him saying it aloud and in the most nasty way possible... This is not about being sick and how to treat psychological sickness is about the terrible impact that these type of people have in the society, which can be minimized only by actively confronting those who are celebrating these lives or their achievements... I would celebrated the live of Nicola Tesla, a little bit, or even for that matter, the one of Thomas Alva Edison, they worked very hard their own "arses" for what they achieved; they didn't have an expert lawyer for a father, or bought an entire Operating System (The Quick and Dirty Operating System or QDOS) which in turn was plagiarized from a real Developer and scientist, who was called, Dr. Gary Kidall. The OS in question was precisely the CP/M (Control Program for Microcomputers). Sometimes, the propaganda is more powerful than the mere reality... 

A savant is able to be very focused but the combination of that condition with a rare and extreme greed, and the eagerness or insatiable need for protagonism or 'figuratism' for vain, glory, and/or power, only brings, as always has (think of Nero or Caligula if you want), problems for the rest of other people in this world at large... 

Well, Gates always wanted to be Jobs and a little bit more than him, and Jobs at the end of the day was always a little bit more egocentric, creative, and diverse than Bill could ever be. Anyway, the influence was there and his pressure was permanently "felt" by little Bill at the beginning; then he maintained the same motivation by focusing in other rivals or victims, and things; by the way, Jobs is another spectrum of issues... Some of them are positive and some quite negative... it was always an incomplete complex human being, it was not a well-rounded individual... just a skeleton of an angry salesperson He even knew very little about how computers work... and he cared less about them too, really? Sorry Steve Jobs, neither this way, in my book, is a way to succeed, and now I understand why Apple Inc. decided to sent jobs off-shores, especially, to China, where the labor appear to be cheap and the demand for them is very high, while here in your country the manufacturing industry is practically dying and the unemployment is causing all sort of problems.  Great? 

For example, lets instead to pay attention to real people in technology, by "real" I mean solid and well-rounded or balanced individuals; perhaps: Prof. Donald Knuth (his contributions and achievements are admirable) or Steven Wozniak, "The Woz." These are down to the earth and kind people... They lack the desire for power, money, or fame... and these is the type of role models and behaviors that I think we need to emphasize and talk about more often...  

Now, if you were a sort of a Spencerian... then praying, predation, deprivation, and predators must be subjects of your fancy that you might be interested to "psychoanalyze" much further than I would ever do...(to use a Freudian term in Adlerian mode with a Jungian self-motivation). 

Correct, we all are only humans, and so with a lot of personal insignificant mental disorders or shortcomings... Nevertheless, no everyone in this earth could have a solid impact or the economic power, or otherwise, as to change things for the better of for the worse in different, significant, and deep ways; like over the type of research that scientist are conducting and its applications and proper dissemination of the scientific findings. On the amount of investments in different small and medium businesses; in controlling our way of communicating and collaborating; over our rights for personal privacy, and other affairs, as those, the very very few indeed that are controlling the economy, and are playing god not only with their lives but with the lives of so many people who are suffering innocently the consequences of their decisions and culture or world view.

It is in here where the main problem arises: The immense and horrible gap between the wealthy and the other 99% of the population; the inequality and the lack of political participation, the increase of corruption as a given an accepted fact, the very scarce and fair opportunity to start a new business and compete in an open market place without being victimized, sabotaged, or digested by the adventurist and capitalistic "sharks;" the liberty for accessing different channels of education for people of all kinds for improving their critical thinkers skills, so they could solve truly real societal and urgent problems which affect the whole humanity including the rich and mighty. So, do we want universities funded by Gates? What is the main purpose? To convert Students, Administrators, and Professors in Microsoft Software consumers, licensees, and/or Zombies? Is really this what we want: to become users losers as the microsofties are calling us just because we bought their products?

Oh oh, let me see, from my window, I am watching a drone coming towards here, therefore is time to wish you good luck....

However, I beg your pardon, while I am sharing my views, I do not want to impose them in anyway, shape, matter or form, nor I wanted to put down what appears to be a dearest clay idol or icon for the many or diagnosing him... but I feel compelled to write my experience so you and others can read it and ponder over as they wish... as in my humble opinion "the Gates' model is not a way to follow neither is a way to succeed in business or in life... Now, add Steve "The monkey boy" Ballmer (long gone from the Microsoft scene by now) to the Gates equation and you will understand why I take some of my time to write a pair of comments about mentioning or citing Gates as a business role or critical thinker model...

Oh the drone is here already, consequently, you necessarily need to excuse me...

PS. Watch this and just let me know what is your take on it... you don't need to be a George Orwell to understand this... Please, give me a brake .. I have four words for you: I "love" this company...

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tu Búho Ciego

by John Manuel Kennedy Traverso

Es poeta, porque está casi ciego anda cansado y siente como un loco, sin embargo es un búho.

Muchos de nosotros también, vemos muchas cosas, quizás hasta a las estrellas;
nuestros ojos evidentemente hechos para ver se estrellan desde lo lejos
con la sabiduría que existe en la luz que emiten ellas,
y también casi al mismo tiempo con las cosas más diminutas que hay dentro de este planeta tierra.
Entonces de tanto ver nos quedamos lógicamente "ciegos"...

A veces ciegos por el dolor o ciegos por alguna pasión...

Ciegos por algún amor o tan sólo por un error...
Ciegos de ver tantas pantallas de tantos tamaños que están mostrando lo mismo.
O por las murallas derrocadas de los siglos...

 Ciegos por aquellos buscadores malditos más recónditos.

Estamos códificados no solamente por símbolos llenos de cosas,
o de cosas cuasi-históricas llenas de sinsentidos culturares 
Juntos amanecemos llenos de experiencias y sentimientos;
y nos perdemos vacios sin podernos encontrar nunca dentro de un hueco;
mucho más todavía cuando lo que queremos es paz, justicia y libertad:

Claro está para nosotros mismos y para cualquiera...

Un "nosotros mismos" que incluye a todos, y claro, a cualquiera.
De pronto, nos parece que perecemos en la oscuridad de cualquier noche;
escribiéndonos un poema con toda la esperanza que éste nos pudiera ofrecer siquiera...

Ese es el poder que solamente nos puede dar la más triste tristeza...

En tan sólo una delicada y dolorosa lágrima nuestro llanto se hace "eterno",
En ese "tiempo" se derraman cada uno de nuestros años...
Lo hacemos todo a la vez... sufriendo y sonriendo.  
Es así como todo lo que es verdaderamente reala se hace con el corazón ardiendo.

Entre las llagas que se acumulan está nuestro pasado muriendo en nuestras conciencias...

El momento en que se sienten los recuerdos es brutalmente maravilloso...
Porque amargamente sentimos la motivación de sentirlo o escribirlo...
y es así que en verbos y sustantivos todo lo convertimos...
Presentimos que ya no hay más tiempo...
y que se acabó aquel reglón infinito de alguna página eterna del mismo destino... 
Una fementida fuerza brota desde los horrores del miedo y hasta lo que parecería bello se le une;
Entonces nos sentimos corajudos y lo sentimos o deseamos sentirlo todo y no como un martirio ...

Incidentalmente, algunos escribimos, ya sea únicamente para nosotros mismos o para todos...  

Claro está [pensamos], también escribimos para todos o:
"para cualquiera que entienda y sienta o quiera sentir o entender como uno"
O simplemente para poder respirar un poco más tranquilos...

Ya que por las noches soñando como aquel búho poeta y ciego, no podamos ni ver ni dormir... 

[JMK - New York - November 20, 2014 ◙ reeditato January 28, 2015 Nueva York - JMK] 

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Dies Solis: A Quote From the Works of Paine and Truth

 "La fábula de Cristo y sus doce apóstoles ... es una parodia del sol y de los doce signos del Zodíaco , copiadas de las antiguas religiones del mundo oriental .... Todo lo dicho de Cristo tiene relación con el sol. El reportaje de su resurrección sucede al amanecer , y en el primer día de la semana , es decir, el día antiguamente dedicado al sol , y de allí llamado domingo ... "

-- La Edad de la Razón -"La Obra Religiosa y Teológica Completa de Tomás Paine." Tómas Paine (P. 382).

"The fable of Christ and his twelve a parody of the sun and the twelve signs of the Zodiac, copied from the ancient religions of the Eastern world.... Every thing told of Christ has reference to the sun. His reported resurrection is at sunrise, and that on the first day of the week... " 

--The Age of Reason - "The Complete Religious and Theological Works of Thomas Paine." Thomas Paine  (P. 382).

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