Thursday, October 25, 2012

I know You Can


This I wrote to day for a dysfunctional Team:

"Solidarity is an important social human trait, it represents the integration of the self with others in a very effective manner.

Please do your best to support your teammates, as much as you would like to be supported by them. So much for the golden rule.

You never know until you outreach your hands towards your teammates with consistency, empathy, with persistence and unconditional positive regard.

It is in here where yo
u need to put all your extra energy and a little bit more. Do not be afraid to exaggerate for making a true difference, become more extensible in several and diverse forms.

Only then, perhaps, the "magic" will arise before your eyes like torches illuminating the darkest night into the hardest hearts...

Be the very best that you can be and nothing less or else. I am not asking you a lot because I know you can."

-- John M. Kennedy T.

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