Friday, February 17, 2012

Vertical Farms For New York City and Lima - Peru

These are all good ways to improve our urban living, as they all could be immediately applied and implemented with our current technology and science. New York City, the capitol of the World, and Lima, Peru, the gastronomic capital of world are both cities in which there are already groups, of entrepreneurs and scientists, working together to make similar projects possible in a very short time. Investors, and evenly other governments, from all over the world are investing aggressively in New York and in Lima-Peru, not only because the magnificent business opportunities thaty they do offer but also because their strategic geographical location, as their cultural and touristic potential. 

A bridge of green wealth, freedom, democracy and wealth is being built between the Atlantic and the Pacific, between Lima and New York. 

Personally, I am thanking the Australian Government for having the great initiative and will to share with the rest of the world these important sustainable alternatives to improve our way of life. Australia is setting a very important example as it is leading and paving the way towards a better future for all of us, and most important, for our future generations. JMK

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