Monday, October 10, 2011

I Was Born In Georgia or Learning Hendrix

In Seattle, Washington, we can visit the statue of Jimmy Hendrix

Few people know how beautiful is Georgia, I have seen pictures of it, in reality I have never been in the state, but I know one very special thing about Georgia, is the house of Blues, it owns the best blues.  

One proof is "Georgia Blues" by Jimmy Hendrix and then this rare video of Jimmy watching and playing with one of the Greatest guitarist of all the times, Born and raised in Lettsworth, Louisiana, Mr.  Buddy Guy, at Georgia Club. 

Well, but Buddy guy or Erick Clapton are Excellent Guitarists; nevertheless, Hendrix is an experience, a unique force of nature, and so he is the soul of blues as Georgia the land of the bests blues more so than Chicago or Baton Rouge or any other place in the World ever could have been. Below are the very few reasons:

This is Buddy  Guy in 1999 at the Long Beach Blues Festival; however, we can easily see how really was Hendrix who  in the very end would have influenced Buddy Guy forever. Just look the resemblance almost 30 years after Jimmy departed to his glory. 


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