Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Greek Bones of Diogenes

Greek, are you in touch with other people? Let say with those who while holding a PhD do not have a job in Greece, where are those jobs? Are they communists just because they are unemployed or underemployed?

Are they responsible for having made an effort and chose to study a long career? What aspects of your life, would you define as your personal responsibility? When that responsibility ends? In your own ass?

Total acceptance of your personal responsibility, could involve more that you really interpret and think. For you as a Greek.

As for me, I am awaiting for your answers but as a good Macedonian, put your hand in your chest and feeling the beats of your heart, understand your "Coram Deo" then, and only then, answer this true call for you real vocation.

This is your servant and your master friend, who is telling you: "Be responsible and do not sleep in your laurels, make a real effort to find the truth but not only over your own thoughts."

First, thanks your good luck and some decisions you could have made so you can wash your hands now, but face your personal responsibility too, and face it under the understanding that you are part of a living society, a great country and more importantly, of a free, humane and democratic learning society: In other words, I am assertively ask you to CHANGE. Wouldn't you?

Respond if you could, and with your own words, please do not cut o copy and paste stuff, that is plagiarism, answer like a man, like Leonidas would have done it or like Diogenes would have responded: "From those bones, I can't tell which ones were from the generals or from the soldiers". CHANGE.

I am not your savior but your servant who is mastering your freedom, but you need to really think harder and harder and harder ...

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