Friday, August 19, 2011

A Tour About The Dances and Rhythms of Peru [Part I]]

With the guidance of Lalo Izquierdo, and like following the tradition of Nicomedes Santa Cruz, the popular and well-remembered Peruvian poet, journalist, singer, and folklorist, we are going to explore the uniqueness of the Dances and Rhythms of Peru: Enjoy this tour!

Nota Bene: 

El Arado, and personally, John M. Kennedy, want to recognize the fine courtesy of CultureGrams for the production and diffusion of the content of this video clip. 

By the same token, I highly recommend its educational resources for Universities and Schools, therefore educators and administrators, please visit: or click in ► here ◄ to find more information about this important and crucial online database, which brings to us the lives and cultures of the world.  

It is a magnificent tool for researching, studying, and more importantly for understanding our differences, traditions and ethnic roots.  Moreover, The Peruvian Intercultural Association - PICA, certifies this video, as a genuine representation of the Peruvian Culture. 

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