Saturday, August 27, 2011

Giant George is Living at Large and Ready to Publish a Book

We could see why "Giant George" is the 245 pounds Dog around, he measures 7 feet from his nose to the beginning of his tale, reason why he is considered the tallest and biggest living dog on earth by the Guinness World Records. Let's learn something more about this canine of immense proportions.

As we can see the hand of his owner, who by the way is a very tall man himself, is by comparison much smaller that the pawns of his dog.

There is this "Giant George" and his man, absolutely showing why his is the admiration of Oprah, and the media in general.

That is right the happiness of being together, I am curious, how much and what this dog eats?

For more information about the life and deeds of George, visit his website, nope in this case, the website is not about the man, but on the dog, it is called and you can go there by clicking in ►Here

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