Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Death of the Doctrines

All "isms" not only are anachronisms but also are dead, as dead as the mommies of Egypt or Paracas. All these are not other things than vestiges; Perhaps these constructs are very well structured and so preserved together with some of those other political theories, ideologies and doctrines that only caused divisions and for the most part hate.  Most importantly, they are not practical and they do not work for nobody.

All that crap are obstacles for thinking clearly and finding "best solutions to our sociopolitical issues and dilemmas. Therefore they do belong necessarily to be into a museum in/from which we could study them, as what they really are, as fossils such as we studied the bones of Dodos already extinguished by the mere action of the humankind. These "isms" are like a pantheon of the most impractical things that have been created to enhance our living, instead these "mamamemes" have caused only wars, destruction, death, desolation, plagues, and slavery.

At least we can use Greek and Nordic mythologies and Irish and Scottish fairy tales as storytelling tales for children and movies.

Those are doctrines which have not place at all in a world of/for the living. They are the most inadequate invented vehicles for resolving any of the problems, issues and dilemmas that we are presently dealing with at the moment and for those events that in the future from this present we are already seeing them forthcoming to us at an accelerated rate .
John M. Kennedy 
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