Sunday, December 05, 2010

My Collected Thankfulness

I wrote this for my students, after the Thanksgiving break of this 2010, I wanted to put it here to share it with my friends as well.

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A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues.     
Marcus Tullius Cicero

y sharing our grief we expand our capacity to cope with those unforeseeable happenings.  Event which we cannot control, and we cannot accept so easily.  

That day is, as we know, a very important day for all of us here in United States of America. It represents many things for many Americans; our feelings towards the highest Height, towards the rightest right without any wrongdoing, and so we want to be in that contemplation in union with, and surrounded by, our dearest human beings, i.e., our family. 

For the most part, we want to have all of them with us that day, the dearest should be the nearest as possible to us, but sometimes just for some strange as illogical reason, this could not be anymore.  

How many people out there, in some regions facing the coolest cool are without a piece of bread, let alone a piece of turkey? How many people, do not have the privilege of silence, peace, or freedom, because they are facing war or violence, even at home? 

Therefore, and again, can you listen? [We have] time for reflecting on our lives, to utter aloud: THANK YOU, time for silence, time for peace, time for [family] togetherness with our country, time to enjoy our freedom at home and appreciate it the most, and as much as possible.  

In many ways, everyday should be a day for thanksgiving, nevertheless, as we celebrate it, also it should be understood its great significance in the most deepest way we could; this means, with all our might and will. It should be embedded in our souls the idea of humility, understanding our vulnerabilities as well as our strengths. In our hearts rest the feeling of wellness as in not other day, and in our minds the desire to succeed and prosper in peace, and in harmony with our environment. What really means for you, your family, your nation and for the entire world at large?  

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