Sunday, December 05, 2010

After so many years I was assigned to teach a freshmen course, it was a very nice challenge. Here, I am explaining to a freshman student, why expletives, emoticons or smileys,  are not part of the formal or academic writing. I desired to share this comment,  in here, because this student shared it as well with his classmates, and so they did in turn with others.

You are exploring the Managing Learning System of the University. Great!

I would like to take a little of your attention to review the style and "state" of your academic writing, by the way in here, the communication is private between you and me, so nobody else has access to this area but us.

When you write anything from now on, please think about it, if you were writing [only] to your readers; who really knows who will read this version of your assignments, especially of your biography,some years to come from now? Your own kids? Perhaps, some family members or associates or bosses? What they would think about this type of writing? What do you think will be their answers or conjectures about you?

Remember this, the spoken word goes to the air, and thus sometimes goes away from us forever; notwithstanding, the written word remains in paper, to be reread, analyzed, and utilized; oftentimes, reproduced and recopied in many unexpected or unforeseen, and so frequently damaging ways. 

Here, at this Managing Learning System, at the classroom, as in any other place, you are representing, as a student, your University. You are not only you, but also your learning community, your family, your country, and of course, your ideas, your actions. 

Consequently, our verbal, and written communication needs to be formal at all the times within academic environments. Besides in here, and the policies and regulations are purposeful clear about it, you or any other student, cannot use casual, let alone expletives; sorry, but slang is not accepted either, and do please understand well that you cannot describe any theory with emoticons or smileys, at least not over this academic year. I know that you are going to help me over this rather simple regard.

Having stated the aforementioned clarification, you have a great imagination, and evenly a unique narrative. I would like to see your natural talent, intellectual and creative attributes well-developed, balanced and integrated, in the very near future.

Heretofore, make a diligent effort to do just that. I will do my best, to support your scholarly and professional ideals, aspirations, and goals, so you become the best you could and should be. 

In addition, there are things in this life that money cannot buy. They are often surprisingly free but difficult to obtain, one is your Education. For instance, Mike Tyson, the great boxer, in one point had a lot of money, fame and evenly was a champion of the world, correct? Nevertheless, he did not have a well-rounded education, and so he stayed in the culture of his "hood" and thus in one point lost all what he had obtained as a professional boxer. 

It did not happen with General Colin Powell, who at some point stated:"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work." Also, he shared with us his biography in this way: 

 "I was born in Harlem, raised in the South Bronx, went to public school, got out of public college, went into the Army, and then I just stuck with it."

Dear student, now you need to stick with your University,I have already seen not only the professional but the greatness in you.


John M. Kennedy T.

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