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Plowing the Sea at the 11th Hour: The Ecology of The Necrology of Our Oceans

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Fossil range: Ordovician - Recent
"Bryozoa", from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur, 1904
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Superphylum: Lophotrochozoa (Halanych et al, 1995[1])
Phylum: Bryozoa (Ehrenberg, 1831[2]
Ectoprocta (Nitsche, 1869)

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Jeremy Bradford Cook Jackson was born on November 13, 1942. He graduated in 1971 from Yale University receiving his Ph.D. in Geology but over the last decades and based on his intensive and focused research he has become the first historical ecologist of the marine ecosystems; a field created by himself. He is a "Darwin in reverse", in a sense that his conclusions about the near future are presenting an abominable merging of oxygen-starving dead zones. This means, oceans without fish, no more coral reefs communities neither; forget about those oils spills, tsunamis or hurricanes; he is pointing to human activities as the major cause of our present pollution, and evident as devastating climate change, one of such "human" activities is overfishing. 

Jeremy Jackson is a extraordinary communicator, a distinguished and honored professor and researcher, a man with a "punctuated equilibrium" [as he has coined this term for his model of "evolutionary" change] who seems to be announcing the inevitability of our dignity as a human race at our finest "11th hour"; however, him or the Lamb of God [LOG is a metal group] would not convince Sarah Palin and others of her same 'stanza' about this rather obvious and insidious situation... 

Therefore, let us listen to Jeremy Bradford Cook Jackson with respect and a lot of attention, the oceans depend on our acting together on this one...or then else or perhaps no else...

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