Monday, March 08, 2010

Food For Health or For Cancer: Do you know Which Ones Were The Pesticides That You and Your Children Have Eaten Today?

Muscle & Body- in its March 2010 edition, denominates as "The Official Magazine of the Arnold Sport Festival", has published the list that appears below (Please, click anywhere inside the illustration if you want to read its contents more clearly) in its page 15. This list is based on the information provided by the Environmental Working Group [EWG] (a very reliable nonprofit organization that is located in Washington, DC and, that publishes information to be used, mainly but not only, by Public Interest Groups). At the info-graph page we can see 10 fruits that have been found to have the highest index of Pesticides. If you and/or your children are eating some of those fruits, you may want to read more information about it at Foodnews[dot]org or just click here to go to their web site.

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