Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sonata Innamorata by P.D.Q. Bach

According to Professor Peter Schickel, P.D.Q. Bach lived between the years 1742? and 1807

A new documentary on Johann Sebastian Bach has been recently released. Finally, they have included in this film notes about the not too famous member of the family Bach, also an extraordinary composer by his own right, whose name appears to have been "P.D.Q. Bach".

P.D.Q. stand for "Pretty Damn Quick" or "Pretty Darn Quick", in fact P.D.Q. Bach's compositions are quite creative. Let us listen the interpretation of one of them, in this case, in the shape and form of a "YouTube", the "Sonata Innamorata", now you got to wait until the very end to enjoy this music completely. Here it is:

Anyway, there is nobody like Johann Sebastian Bach; P.D.Q. Bach is just a fictional character invented around 40 years ago by Professor Peter Schickele.

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