Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Gutenbergian Tim Berners-Lee and His Proposed New and Emerging Web of Data

This is an image of t DBpedia's answer to the Query: "German musicians with German and English descriptions'. DBpedia is one of the "Interlinked-hubs" that uses the W3C LOD Linked data principles developed by Tim Berners-Lee.

Tim Berners-Lee is not a billionaire, well he does not need to be one. He has already changed the world, in at tremendous and meaningful way, by creating the World Wide Web in 1980. Should I state in a semantic way too, that he is the father of the Web? Of course, yes. Tim continues envisioning new transformations for our info-world; he wants the world to get better and better; for instance, with "the semantic web" and now with his latest answer to our caotic hiperlinked world, the LOD [Linked Open Data] principles wich is daring to define the new and emerging Web of Data [WOD]. "Data is relationships" as Tim Berners-Lee Himself explained in this [Below] TED presentation in which he points to the power behind data and numbers. Currently, Tim Berners-Lee is the director of the World Wide Web Consortium [W3C] and also senior researcher at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence [AI] Lab [CSAILThefore, lets hear from Tim's what he means by stating that as there are data in every place so, we should demand the sharing of "unaltered data", not only from governments but also by institutions and individuals... here is Tim....

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