Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Dawn of the Web 3.0-Virtual Communities to Real Actions or more of The Same Paleolithical & Political Issues

Jules Verne "The Father of Science Fiction"
Photograph by Felix Nadar [French Photographer]

Many of these things has been made, written and spoken about, by many people from many countries for a very long time, before “chitty chitty bang bang” and “Mary Poppins.” Evenly before Jules Gabriel Verne would write any of his well read books, e.g., Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864), From the Earth to the Moon (1865), Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1869–1870), and Around the World in Eighty Days (1873), for just put it into some context.

Therefore, it is kind of natural that at the time of the dawn of the Web 3.o, e.i., Virtual [Web] Communities into Real actions [WC2A] we should watch these types of communities develop all over the map. This is the case of "Steampunk", I would let this video from 'Make Magazine' to explaine what Steampumk is or what it does, but with this post I am actually starting a narration about "the New Anthropology of the web", meaning how the web is changing our social life in unexpected, perhaps meaningful, and actually global ways.

Steampunk, in effect is one of a kind community but there are others out there and so from caves to tribes, from feudal territories to industrial cities, from metropolitan urbanizations to the "tribes of the Web" or WC2RAs. The geography has changed, the map is not, as never before, the territory, as I said and wrote it before, "No because the map isn't the territory means that the territory doesn't exist", in effect it does exists, only we do not know it in its totality and we keep changing it too.

The geographical landscape it seems divided "concurrently" by objects of desire rather than by political limits or nationalisms; weapons and frontiers are useless practices of power that came from a 20th century and from a rustic past before that era. "From here to the eternity" and beyond we have other types of challenges, which are beyond the mere and mortal problem of survival and, why not? living as we should, it seems to be our priority.
We should live as we always dream about we should live, with creativity, with beauty, with love and fun...or whatever makes us happy with the only limitation posted by the "golden rule". Today, as in any other time in our known and written history, humans have the possibility to reach their dearest dreams, or why should they live otherwise or in any other way? if we have all this amazing human intelligence to solve the most arduous problems, besides of having all those many cultures and technologies all behind of us, incidentally to support a long waited and written about "quasi-utopic" change? Some people, still prefer to live in caves though. They build cages and jails for themselves, their children and the best of the rest, everything, no matter what is the same color for them, that is the color of money. They don't look or car for beauty; they just want to eat, reproduce and go to sleep in the interim, without even asking why. They are in the sole business of survival and; so they live a life many times worst than those humans who endured the life at the Lower Paleolithic.

Therefore and nonetheless, we have the technology, the skills and the Web, why looking into paleolithical or political solutions, when we should look into better human horizons for, and of, development
for all of us and not just for the fewer or the so called "chosen" ones? It is beyond me... still the Web 3.0 is near its sunrise and the Steampunk community could be an early sign of the very truth of this last statement.

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