Friday, February 13, 2009

Inca Blocks for Boys & Girls and You

"Inca Blocks", is the name of an arcade game from Physics Games. Generally speaking, I really don't like computer games or want to know about them, but some are important as "brain training" tools, including some can even help learners to acquire many higher cognitive skills. Not to mention the simulations, that have been used for years for training, pilots, astronauts, and Surgeons. Therefore, I am making the very first exception with this one and, for multiple reasons, the most important, 'cause the game is educative, so enjoy it with your kid(s) you will not regret it even a bit.

Nota bene: the game was posted here, I deleted because the noise. Search for it, it is easy to find it. Also you can click in the link above "Physics Games".

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