Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Girl of La Mancha

Music and Kites for the Development of our Children

Let me explain why, indeed, I am a “Man of La Mancha” because, in my neighborhood, I belonged to a group of children. We were so many than when we played or walked together on the streets, everybody while looking at us exclaimed, "look!, there they are: "La Mancha" (Meaning a thing that appeared as a stained, well I must to tell you when we grew up a little more, a year later they call us "El Manchón", wich means big "Mancha"). Much later also, they [some acquaintances] used to call me "La Mancha" because, I used to put [ink] pens inside all over my pockets, and very frequently all that ink under the heat of my body went often out from all those pens, and for simple osmosis, into and onto the fabric of my clothing and; thus usually stained, notoriously though, my pants, shirts and ties big time, and so there was always a very visible "La Mancha" in my clothing and in the mouths of people, who frequentely I listened saying, "hey you have one big "mancha" in there, John". Notwithstanding, now I feel very honor to introduce you to the real reason why I am the real "Man of La Mancha", this is altogether "good blogging" and so visit El Arado because I will put the song " Let's go fly a kite" so you can sing it any time you would like as we sang it, not too long ago, when we were both "stained" somehow but by the happiness of being together… [Also I will need to input the song I am “The Man of la Mancha”. Well, “Kat”, I guess you too can sing this song by changing the lyrics a bit, like to, “I am the Girl of la Mancha” Love you always my dear... KKB

Oh Lets Go Fly a Kite up to the highest high

Amanda Gabucan The "6 year-old Girl of la Mancha"
Performed at Antioch • California • July 2005

"The Man of La Mancha"
Complete Rendition and Amazing Interpretation of
The Hawaii Youth Symphony's 2005-2006

Lyrics: Man Of La Mancha - Don Quixote

Hear me now, oh thou bleak and unbearable world

Thou art base and debauched as can be

And a knight with his banner all bravely unfurled

Now hurls down his gauntlet to thee

I am I, Don Quixote, the Lord of La Mancha

Destroyer of Evil am I

I will march to the sound of the trumpets of glory

Forever to conquer or die

Hear me heathens, and wizards, and serpents of sin

All your dastardly doings are past

For a holy endeavor is now to begin

And virtue shall triumph at last

I am I, Don Quixote, the Lord of La Mancha

A Name all the world soon will know

And the wild winds of fortune will carry me onward

Oh whither so ever they blow

Whither so ever they blow

Onward to Glory I go

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