Sunday, October 26, 2008

VOR 1 -Voices of Reason - The Plow of the Atmosphere: Dr. Paul B. McCready

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Paul MacCready

Dr. Paul B. McCready (1925-2007) The Aviation was his profession, hobby, sport and love since his was a little boy. However, Nature versus humans was his warning and his main preoccupation. Now, those environmental issues in which he focused so much during his lifetime, more than ten years ago, are all too real for us here on earth. It is a pressing and depressing reality, all too painful... sometimes for evenly wanting to deal with it. Hope that he was wrong when he depicted, in one of his paintings, a future all polluted and inhabited only by robotic insects... 10 years, in 1998, ago he spoke in public about the dangers and energetic challenges that are affection the bio-masses. He explained the environmental issues associated with the pollution of our Planet and the problems with its atmosphere. He also invented the first practical man-powered aircraft. These videos reveal the character and passion of, a true "Plow of the Atmosphere", Dr. McCready

1998 Presentation

PBS- Public Broadcasting Service Program

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