Sunday, October 26, 2008

An Ode for The Deviant Art

"El Arado" Be Fair series

Remember, the likelihood that women invented the agriculture, and so our sedentary civilization, is approaching 1. I would say is almost certain that they did it. Unlike, still, with the Original Americans, women have improved their social status and conditions.

Might does not make it, or for the same reason, [it] make us, right. Think, in here, on how the Jews faced the Holocaust. About how the Armenians suffered the genocide of their people, or how the Afro-Americans suffered slavery as the original people of South Africa experienced for a long time the apartheid. None of the aforementioned was done right or it can be, in anyway, form or shape, justified, that is all folks and there is not more to it. It can be argued that at the times, within the historical context or because the extreme hunger or all of the above, but we know that it was not right to take somebody else's lands and their freedom for whatever reason at any rate. These people were not a thread for Europeans, let alone criminals but they were treated as if they were, in fact they were considered as beasts at one point, like Africans were considered as fractional equivalent of what signify human, that is, infra-humans, at the times of the American Revolution and somehow till the civil rights movement of the 60s. Racism or bigotry is still very pervasive in today's democracy and permeates every step and layer of our social structures although we have improved over the issue still much to do about it.

Today the potential of hating someone or a group of people, just because of religion or political beliefs, and ethnicity or racial backgrounds, is greater than ever. Consequently, over this Thanksgivings also give your gratitude to the original people of America or just do something good, positive that is, for them. Visit their reservations or learn their views or ways of life. We can always learn from them and moreover do something for them, like give them a piece of our roast turkey or take part of a Pow Wow festivity (Pow Wow means “Spiritual Leader); it is altogether fun as well.

Well, for starters, you evenly can "talk" to Mary Wollstonecraft by reading her book, titled, "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman" (published in 1792). Hope, I am not sounding too stupid, but every time I remember all those social injustices, I feel that I am somehow responsible. Sometimes, I am too, passive about it and out of touch with my personal reality but this is the price that need to pay; especially, when I really want to do something more significant concerning these disturbing issues. Like writing, drawing, painting, filming, taking photos or just saying or speaking my mind out about why we need to understand that as our environment is suffering for our “civilized” human activities, likewise also the original people of "Las Américas" [et al.] have endured and still are enduring so many injustices.

We, all, can do something about it and if we do it, it could be at least an action of gratitude. Hope, whatever you do on this upcoming thanksgivings, it will only the right and proper thing to do. Yes, I am definitely responsible, if in the end, I were not able to do something to shed light on these sociological and historical problems; knowing that all alone we have, as a thinking part of the Western Society, being all wrong. Moreover, and evenly worst, the majority of our people does not give a dime or care much for the current situation of the Original American Nations and thus us, as group of “civilized” individuals we do not have the morals or guts to recognize that we are facing a social issue in here by having such attitude towards the undeserved Americans. It is our cross, stigma and our responsibility, that is, to help to change their situation and integrate these peoples in our civilization, and us to theirs too, by accepting and respecting and tangibly doing something about to remedy their stolen identities, lands, rights and dignity, as their independence to choose to be and remain the humans beings and culture they want to be.

We should recognize their ancestral right over these lands and fix what it still left to amend over those contracts whose language obviously was not too well understood by the Original Americans. Have you try to understand theirs? The time has come to understand that if we do not recognize these things, we are only doomed to continue living over usurpations and lies does this sound good for you? It is unfair and our attitudes and actions tell our history of who, as whole, we really are, more eloquently than any written document. If we were able to build cities, we built them over their lands. I we eat potatoes, chocolates and smoke tobacco [and thounsand of other goodies], it is only because their original industry, creativity and knowledge of these original peoples had [and still have although much it is lost forever] over their American environment.

There should not be a problem to recognize what is the greatest developments of ideas, inventions and deeds of the European cultures but also we should have the courage to understand their several maladies and shortcomings. More importantly, we need not only to give proper credit, as good academicians do, to other cultures of our world for their inventions and creations, but also we need to work with them, and do not elaborate more strategies and tactics against them only for exploiting, and enslaving them, and colonizing their territories and imposing our ways of life with the end to fulfill our needs, objectives, goals, and dreams. That is feudalism, at last it did not work at all. Remember: The emigration factor.

We need to understand that the Chinese, in one point in their history, had the naval technology, and thus were able to come [go], and perhaps they did it, to this [that] continent, evenly long before than the Vikings did or could, but they chose not to go and expropriate lands, abuse natives or enslave/subjugate entire empires, as for whatever their reasons were the Europeans did it and did it "so well" indeed with America, Africa and Asia [for instance, Philippines, India and China]. No matter what were those adventures in the “New world, many Europeans committed the ‘old same old’ world crimes”, have they paid? Where is the Gold? Oh, are those the foundation of their magnificent palaces and banks? OK, again, you might state that in the context of those times, they were not nations and they were just savages, a little more than animals and the sophisticated Europeans were very educated settlers to whom God has sent to the promise Land: America. The reality, it is otherwise though, it was squarely an abusive, cruel and unjust war, at best an ambush, we also can state it was a rape. It was like a 35 year-old man abusing a 3 year-old child and then we call that discovery, conquest or war?

The original Americans could not win that war, [they] were unable to have the weaponry and that ability to mislead (often confused as intelligentsia, over this issue, you can go and ask the former high-school diploma deputy of the White House chief of staff, of the current Bush administration, Karl Rove. He definitely would have an answer for this confusion), and for that and thousand of more reasons, they logically and logistically lost that war. Atahualpa easily recognized this from the very beginning, "It is expected in every war to win or to lose." He said when he was treacherously captured by the Spaniards in the plaza of Cajamarca in 1532, perhaps he understood, right then, that 40 years later the Spaniards will destroy what thousand of years of work and effort cost the people of the Andes to build.

Those original nations who were able to survive in north America, were made into slaves or servants and put in reservations. Their religion was prohibited, as their way of life was made into an scandal or a joke for the self-righteous colonial societies. Anyways, why we need to continue with the same “baloney” or/and doing the same social injustices. Why do we continue to belitle the original Americans? What is going on right now with us and with them? I think that we could improve a lot the way and the structure in which our policies and legislation are made regarding the subject of the “Indians”. We could start, as the Vatican did some years ago, by apologizing for our sins and mistakes. A good step have been done at the United Nations, 147 countries voted for the "Declaration of the Rights of the Indigenous People". 11 nations chose not to vote, but 4 countries with all their might and determination voted against them, which were those countries? I do not remember one, but this I know for sure, Canada, Australia and the Democratic Superpower, USA vote against it. I respect their decision, I believe in democracy as well, but hardly, I believe that the representatives of USA, in that instance, were expressing the will of the American people, for sure in voting against the declaration, in many ways, they were, once more, against the original people of America, for me it was a diplomatic injustice. In the end the declaration, a piece of paper, was signed. Do you know how long it took for this to happen? Well, 12 or 13 years, of vain conversations, of words over words and words, while many people just wanted a simple recognition of their rights, it is absurd to me, but it is a fact. Why this is so?...

Albeit, we are ready to claim and push bombastically so, “democracy” and the prevalence of the “free market” in all world’s continents, heavens and oceans and at the same time we are building more walls at our borders. Technically the firewalls of liberty and justice. What kind of freedom is this any way? is a funnel vision? Is this the solution? Is this how a good or effective society and state ought to be? Can we ask Publius Aelius Hadrianus about how effective were his walls or balls [at this point I am not sure which ones]? Can we change our predispositions about believing in racial, cultural or social superiority? Can we change our negative attitudes towards “the other people” and cultures? Why we need to have these views or live in a society like this in the first place? If some people believe in satanism and in hell, just why they do not go there? I am telling you, it was and it will always be.... a boomerang. As they say, "what goes around comes around" or something like that...

Can we re-identify those peoples who were erroneously labeled by Columbus as "Indians" base as we know in his miscalculations in the first place? Can we understand that also we can do something more effective for their well-being other than give then cheap laptops overloaded with Microsoft’s garbage? Is it, really, their lack of education, or acculturation, or is it their equal opportunity for our discrimination? For God's sake, I do not know, perhaps we should ask the "triple K"; or you tell me, or even better, we need to examine our ways. It is not the history whom is the judge, I tell you, “perhaps I am savage but this I know everything is connected” as the chief Seattle would state it. I do not think violence is the solution either. It never was. Perhaps war is only the business of those who believe in exploitation, domination and blood, because this only can be done by brutal and abominable force. I think, in here, in Gandhi or Mandela, but more importantly in Henry David Thoreau or Plato. They hold the main pillar in which all our Western Civilization rest, this foundation is the uniqueness representation of our way of life, it is the real meme and cause of our most deepest beliefs, deeds, and progressto strove to resolve injustice. What is injustice?

Why do we should worry for them? Correct? and yet millions of dollars are being investing by important universities that are arqueological motivated by the curiosity to understand how these peoples, or “the ten little Indians”, were able to raise empires, or cultivated those crops that now are feeding the children of the "Arian" nations of the first "new new wild wild world order" more than five thousand years ago. Perhaps E.B White was right when he wrote the following aphorism:

To foreigners, a Yankee is an American.
To Americans, a Yankee is a Northerner.
To Northerners, a Yankee is an Easterner.
To Easterners, a Yankee is a New Englander.
To New Englanders, a Yankee is a Vermonter.
And in Vermont, a Yankee is somebody who eats pie for breakfast

Therefore, I would like to ask the "blogreader' , what is or represent precisely an "Indian" in thanksgivings? Perhaps, evenly "Indians" only count for nothing; because for those turkeys, we are giving thanks only to God but not to the “Indians” as we really should. As a real Yankee expectorated all over my presence the other day; “[“Indians”] They are just nothing! Reservations mean for me nothing... nothing.” My main problem was that, yes this American guy was certainly a native speaker, perhaps he was born in Brooklyn or in Queens; whoever, he looks exactly like the great chief Geronimo or Sitting Bull, dresses like Leonardo DiCaprio, has tattoos all over his neck and forearms, walks and moves his arms like “50 cents” and smell like… Who can understand these people? Notwithstanding, people like him represent the majority and they are more the rule that the exception.

Let us go to the stars or to Ganymede, then, and once we get there, as we know what to do with new "discovered" places, let us label all the corners and stellar grounds that we would have found there, well we already did this with those constellations that are thousands of light years away from us. "You named ergo you owned," this is the name of the game of naming and this dictum has somehow always worked for us well. If we are lucky, enough, we may most likely enslave those extraterrestrial creatures as well. It is totally the Spencerian survival of the fittest, being us the fittest of course, as this follows or corroborates with Darwin's natural selection as well. Also and because as the business here on earth is becoming extinct, we need to continue doing what we know best in other places within the galaxies, like killing and dominating the innocent people or in this case "extra-naturals", who even though they are not the fittest or match for us, would fit the profiles to be our miserable slaves. This is not personal, how come? Because it is only about business and trade. That is all about life on the unverse and the use of reason, and in the name of our supreme divinity or motivated by our mere greed or fear or both. "So totally", it is much better to eat than to be eaten my friend, this is the tenet of an extreme capitalism. Otherwise, if you dare to state the contrary, you will be labeled as a Marxist, as a socialist or as a terrifying and useless communist, an enemy.

Give a break please, can we really have a happy and genuine thanksgiving this year? I do not think that our Western Civilization only has based its development and progress on rapacity, but beyond doubt, every empire has something to do with exploitation up to a very deep and pugnacious point.

It is very hard to believe what is going in our post 9/11 society nowadays, but I am sure we can do better, no matter the epoch or the situation. The virtual communities are clear examples that it can be done. How many of us, are contributing in DevianArt [DA], in the Community of “El País” or elsewhere. Obviously, this signify that there are needs... many human and humane needs indeed, that cannot be fulfilled well by other means; there is loneliness and many reasons to disbelief in today’s societies and states. In this way, with the little time that we could have at hand and with our determination and energy, we are not only being able to look at things from fresh and different perspectives but we are able to illustrate, represent and interpret solutions for our delicate issues of these times. We seriously strive to feel and understand what is happening around us, and thus, we can only share our perceptions, thoughts and lucubration with others in good faith and will.

No matter how different we think the causes of our problems are, or our postures about their solutions, we seem to be open to receive new information, for processing it in the best or our abilities, and incidentally to share our inner and outer expressions, investigations and interpretations of it through different as tangible activities and channels. Practically, at all the times, artists, we are the translators of the unknown. Artists and scientists are those people who do why they do no matter what the risks, or means, they face or have at hand, and independently of the outcomes, positive or negative for their lives. Otherwise, if they were not able or could not do it they just would prefer better to perish instead. If there were no art, no philosophy, nor science, artists, philosophers, or scientists would not have reasons for being or remain alive, it is as simple as that. On sample of many is Giordano Bruno.

Well, it is great to be an artist and interpreter of our times, and to have a DA place, a blogger or a community like “El País”; therefore, thank you, to all of you, those who have built and are building these virtual places. You are making possible the development of exciting as unique cultures, and it seems all beautiful within this virtual communities spite of trolls, rants, vandals and other abuses, still is worth to be an active member and part in the development of a community.

Hope, one day I would have enough money and, more time to help, somehow, a little more substantially DeviantArt's community and other sites too. I enjoy their magnificent and genuine social art. It is my regret, not to have more time for doing just more of this. My wish is that DevianArt, blogger and Communities like “El País” will able to "boldly go to where not other communities have gone before".

I think that DA has already done it, but of course, there is not such a thing as final frontiers in the cyberspace or hyperspace, let alone in art.... "Vita Brevis...Ars longa"

Please, continue... continue...continue...
Perhaps humanism is all what we need, and to be only humans is now more than ever the main goal and challenge... at least I believe it is.

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