Friday, October 03, 2008

The Metasemantics of our Security is foremost Our Health - The Survival of the fittest or The survival of the Sickest?

Chris Anderson, the TED Curator, presents the Major TED prize, that is, the photos of James Nachtwey. Tonight [October 3, 2008] these pictures are going to be projected and shared in 50 cities throughout the whole world, here at "El Arado", I want you to see them first [ or see them after all ] but from the vantage point of your own seats. It just takes 3 minutes. Sorry, but I cannot say enjoy it this time... It seems that nowadays the diseases are getting stronger, e.g., the acronym XDR means Extreme Drug Resistant, in other words, these diseases kill the infected persons in question of days or hours because the existent drugs are not sufficient enough to combat them. Perhaps, the meaning of the glorious "survival of the fittest" now means "the survival of the sickest".

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