Friday, October 03, 2008

The Metasemantics of the Immigration:The Real & Current "Gangs" of New York [Intro] - Where do New Yorkers come from or why are they leaving now?

As reported by the AM New York, as the economy is increasingly getting worst in here, many Newyorkers are seeking to move out of this great apple, while Bloomberg is looking to become a Mayor for the third time in a row, and thus remain in his post no matter what.

I remember that when he started his office as a Mayor of this glorious city, his fortune, as reported by Forbes Magazine, was of 2 billion dollars, peanuts if we compare it to what he has now. He is one of the 10 richest people in USA, with a fortune of "only" $20 billion dollars.

I mean my interjection and I have a question: How on earth he has managed to do just that? Being a Mayor of a city like New York should be a demanding job for say the very least. In contrast, and notwithstanding with the economic situation of many Newyorkers, he was able to get only 10 times richer than when he started enacting his role as a Mayor.

It is like the Mayor Bloomberg himself once uttered, making reference to the Colombian Singer Shakira, "The Hips don't lie", how can they do that at all? well, his money either for that matter. Should his money making rate tell us something or other? While many people are suffering to pay their bills in New York and evenly seriously considering to leave this city for good; a city with which perhaps they fell in love sometime in their past and now they kind of hate it or actually they cannot afford it. There you are, and nevertheless our Mayor, stoically wants to state in office.

It is not paradox or a contradiction; really, who will not want to state doing the same, especially after making all that money in such a short time; it should be a good business for him altogether. Well, at least his fortune just has increased enough to put our Mayor up there in the top of the mountain club and in the halls of the most famous and richest, enjoying the company of those people like the "Bufftets" and the "Gateses". It is a real honor for all of us who live in New York City, I think this every time when I need to stretch my arm to extract a $20 dollars bill from the "mouth" of an ATM of a bank that just yesterday was bought by other and for this reason it will have to change its name very soon. I just don't know! Anyway, thanks Mayor; yeah! Please, continue making more money on behalf of the people of New York City. To be continued...

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