Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Music of Metallica speaks through the "Dogme 95" of Thomas Vinterberg: "The Day That Never Comes" is a Metallica's song Premiere of a Short film

Dane Thomas Vinterberg,at the 40th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival photo Taken by Petr Novák, or user che in Wikimedia Commons

I was about to talk Chrome from Google but I heard this song:"The Day That Never Comes." It is more than a song, with this music, Metallica has realized a short film. Metallica stated that have worked with the creative film director [Dane] Thomas Vinterberg, who have co-founded the movement "Dogme 95" [Dogma in English From the Danish] and has provided the "vision" for this excellent Metallica musical creation.

The Awesome Metal of Metallica Still Rules @ The Leed Festival 2008

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