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Metasemantics: The Spoof of Our Own ◙ An Extensible Meme - A Plausible Explanation Over the Mysterious Death of Heath Ledger

Photo source Uploaded to Flickr by Howie Berlin on January 26, 2008 and released under the license Creative Commons by Attribution-Share Alike 2.0

Just to continue, the saga at New york City, yesterday morning a taxi driver, a 62 year-old man, was shot, dry and cool, in the face without mercy at Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, (famous because of the first film of Sylvester Stallone, "The Lords of Flatbush". It just have passed to my mind that "the world is Flat Bush") while the perpetrators, intended to rob him the couple bucks [dollars I meant] that he had made while working. I only see and hear more and more news about the escalating violence and just now Russia exploded against Georgia in an anti-NATO gesture, it seems.

It appears as if we have become highly unstable nowadays all over the place, and even more now, with that Joker syndrome, every maniac and many children in their school age and beyond, are trying to impersonate or imitate that character by acting as crazy as it was interpreted by Heath Ledger, who tragically died right after he completed his part of what would be his last film. It is one of the best pieces of acting ever produced, just compare Ledger's delivery of Joker with that of Jack Nicholson or Cesar Romero, both incredible actors who portrayed hilarious jokers, but even though as they might have been, both seem too far from achieving that mysterious halo, that darkest dark humor that seemed to be a strange magic hyperrealism conceived by Ledger's skillful utterance of his now infamous "Jokerrrzzzss" or something like that. For some reason this Joker felt a little too close to us, so that its presence is sensed by the audiences far too real and scary to just forget about it and might live with us for awhile, it is disturbing in a way. Nope, it is not, "The Joker" is not a Joke or about a Batman's movie anymore, it is about a legend and it is a piece of art, the Monalisa and the Leonardo put together in the same body and before our eyes at the same time.

It is "unreal", but this is the type of life that we are all living somehow, it is like living at the Gotham City. However, everyday I watch my plants and the beautiful colors they have and how quite they seem to be and I think what type of project or plan these plants might have concocted if they only could? The question is silly, but relevant for our days, because they depend on me for their watering, and so without myself doing it, they would not be able to survive. Therefore, by extension, all the rest of the plants in this Earth are in the same awkward position. Some time before this Web-era, plants did not have much of a problem, they were naturally equal and endowed by the privilege of being part of this planet, but now, it all depends which is the park that is taking care of them and more specifically who are their gardeners. Notwithstanding, plants remain quite, immutable and most of the time as green as they should be. In my life, I want to have their strength and patience, till I must, and in the middle of all these nonsense. I find it very difficult though to achieve just this, I might start learning Yoga and Tai Chi besides of playing guitar everyday.

We need to become more ethical with our environment too. I am not a good example though but I am striving to become a better person everyday. For once, I have secluded myself from the rest of the world and for awhile now, I have reexamined my soul, deeds, debts and acts, and I know that I still have plenty laundry to do, but somehow I have become more happy with those "sins" because I know that I did them as an individual, and so were mistakes made, by me, based upon the information that I have had at the time of my decisions, assuming good faith from everyone, with good will and intentions towards all and with ill-intention towards none. I know that many people exploited my vulnerabilities, but I am ok with it, because I chose to be an open person and not a fearful or a deceitful one. I still, and even now, prefer to be a fool than a rich man seating over other people's heads and coffins. However, I did not exploit or wanted to take advantage of anybody whatsoever. Therefore, of the things I have lost in my life, I would perhaps never recover any of them at all, nor I want them back neither. In contrast, the very few things that I have preserved until now, I want to keep them for as long as I live. This is one of things that this Joker brought to my mind and soul while I was digesting his intrinsic and hidden message. Therefore, I highly recommended to everyone an act of contriction. It might be hard to do and could end in so many misunderstandings with your family members and the rest of the people that lives around you, but it works and I believe, it is much needed to do, because we are all traumatized somehow by the tremendous impact of these last days and the every day's news. The media is like a ubiquitous hammer, hitting us in our more sensitive areas, up to the point that we could become very insensible towards our own feelings, let alone regarding other people's feelings. The most important lesson that I have learned from the unforgettable Ledger's personification of "Jokerrrzzz" or something like that, it is the remainder that the real evil could be or is within and among us. Money, work, family everything that make us, in the end it could also be the cause and excuse that could propel us or that we might use, or force to use, as a pretest for destroying other people's lives, who in turn also have families, houses, children and deserve to outreach their own dreams. They need to work and have money to survive, just like us. I think in here about the sufferings imposed to those children in Iraq, for instance.

Education is just one part of the equation, but learning to live with less is at the other side. Education has become the means and not the end, that is a big problem. We are so dependent of the futile, it seems; for instance, we have just paid 400 million dollars to watch a caricature, Batman. However, and surprisingly we did it right this time, perhaps the "word of mouth" (by the way, the make-up was excellent too) played its part in it. However, the acting was so marvelously done that it feels as if Heath were giving us the best lecture for our times. So terribly wrong and much more because unknowingly to him, it was his last lecture. It is all too ironic, a piece of art, a portrait that reveals the inner anxieties of our ages, perhaps. Well, let us watch it while we can. I pledge to leave this video in here, since is just an eternal piece of the Heath's acting. The movie has already earned a fair amount of money, and this "cut" will make no difference whatsoever, for and in the lives of the producers or actors as well; besides everybody knows who made the film and they would be credited at the Oscar's ceremony, next year, we are all expecting for that moment already, perhaps we want some closure, especially about Heath Ledger's tragedy. Anyway, readers let us watch this video, if they leave it as is. I think, in that they should because it is just fair. Here is the "Jokerrrrzzss" or something like that. (I am working to contact Time Warners to ask them for their permission, but in the mean time I am thanking them very much indeed for allowing me to share this works of art with our readers, thanks.)

Nevertheless, far from being a comic, the scenario is not a joke anymore or a simple "jokerrrzzz's" stanza. It seems to be, again, the portraiture of our reality, the landscape showing the darkest places of our human maladies through the expressions and behaviors of this fictional hyper villain. At least, it is an accurate graph of what our "civilization" has probably become to be, I am too afraid about the truth of this last statements; as I hope that by the same token I am making a big mistake over the state of our cultural current affairs. In the end, Heath Ledger would mysteriously die by combating an apparent depression and right after he so well incarnated that personality. It makes me think even more "so serious" about what he felt while he was enacting that monster, because at the movie, he was the mere Joker, a stamp of madness; and thereafter, I barely imagine how someone like him could deal or survive with the effects, impacts, and struggles of performing the evil with such a sublime and incomparable level of perfection. Well, the answer was instantaneous, he just could not handle it at all. It reminds me of a Peruvian sculptor that died terrified from just watching his own creation, which it is made out of wood and should be located, still up to this date, at same place inside the Cathedral of Lima in Peru. Moreover, Heath was able to recreate or translate for us the many meta-memes, here is the metasemantic analysis of our world that he was able to capture with his histrionic efforts; again his acting is a piece of the finest art possible, it is a new benchmark, he has raised the bar, "you have changed things forever" from now on and for every actor, it is going to be very hard to do something like Ledger had done to us. He knew how to use the "Jokerrrzzss" to uncover those places where nobody of us would go, He was a "Dante" and certainly we felt the hell out of his performance, even more problematic we never doubt of his existence, he was real. Every sound, gesture, corner and in every frame by frame "shot", Heath Ledger was just great, perfect.

Such as these are sometimes my quick and dirty musings and impressions. I use them, as a way to "bath" my brain cells, with some serotonins and neurotransmitters, just before I need to deliver my outputs of the sorts or when I am about to "dump" my attention into those daily errands of life. It did not take me too long, I wonder if it finally did; but now and anyway, I feel a little energized to continue up to the end or until my end. Now I am glad, almost release, but not up to the extent in which I am completely convinced or relax about that the "Jokerrrzzss" after all is just as a bad joke, or a nightmare, for which I have paid to watch and enjoy, and so I could forget it at ease thereafter, because it is really not what is going on; perhaps and after all, Heath Ledger was finally able to draw the closer "Spoof of Our Own". ◙JMK◙ @ 2008.

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