Monday, July 21, 2008

YouTube Olympics 2008: The Magic of Hip Hop for your Health - Do you one to learn How to Dance? ◙ The Second to One Most Viewed YouTube Video

From Charles Chaplin

and The Elegance of Fred Astaire

But Cantiflas also danced well

And "Resortes" (Springs) dancing one original "Danzón"

With more than 93 million views .... we might just watch it.

But the number ONE Video is .... actually here

I still Like more this one ...

This one the best Korean Dancer

This Dancing Penguins explaining and dancing Why they are "Hot"

The Japanese Kids Dancing Groups, one seems better than the other...

The Queen, Diva, and HIP HOP World Champion, Pound by Pound & Jump by Jump: Ms. Lil´Steph in Action

Moreover, the doctor has recommended me HIP HOP Dancing for my depression and hips, so I am learning how to do it ...

But this is fantastic! The Magic of HIP HOP by Kenichi Ebina at TED, he looks like a wave form more than a living form.

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