Thursday, July 24, 2008

Metasemantics Web - Computer Behavior

Now that we only see screens and keyboards in front of us, it seems difficult to feel that we are interacting with real human beings at the other end. Besides of being tired of hearing news about wars, climate warming and those gasoline prices going up and up.

Just here in downtown Manhattan, today, somebody, who was or is disturbed, shot two people out of no reason and delivered himself to the police station, by saying, "I'm here, I am your guy".

I am really tired to listen to the news. I only want America to be better, or as it was couple decades ago. However, it seems that those days are but all gone. I don't know, I remain optimist though; it is not only in America, it is all the rest of the world too, and perhaps outside USA may be is even worst.
Anyway, it is a great opportunity, for this nation to lead the world again and to show the way to a better life. We all can live better than this, I don't think that the world is ready or is looking for China to be the nation leader of the world or Russia or France. As far as we go and for some reason the world has placed that responsibility in America for now. Well, these are just my thoughts.....

First Round: Computer Wins in here

Second Round: Computers made human act nuts

Third Round: Computer was badly beating

Fourth Round: Insensible man kill his computer without mercy

Fifth Round: Computer drive people crazy and emotionally disturbed

Even the Printers are conspiring against mankind

So think twice if you want to work in the IT department

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