Monday, June 02, 2008

Listen to the Joy of Freedom

One of the most beautiful rhythms in the world: The Lando (Afro-Peruvian)

Nicomedes Santa Cruz died in Madrid in 1992, but he was in all his ways Peruvian and much more than that he was an internationalist who fought with his poems, and Afroperuvian dances and rhythms against the racism and discrimination.

Nicomedes opposed and faced the injustices with art, with beauty and with his deep and well articulated voice. He shared the humanism of a culture that was extracted from one continent, Africa, and inserted into a supposed "new world"; both worlds suffered the same common societal maladies: Exploitation, discrimination, "homo homini lupus". They, the Africans with Americans so called Indians, (a pejorative term) were victims of one of the most cruel of all type of colonialisms: Slavery, despite Nicomedes was able to gather and collect for us, for the rest of the world, the music, the dances, i.e, those mechanisms whereby afroperuvians were able to remain humans, whereas in captivity, they remain somehow free, no matter the abuse, whatever their pain or inhuman condition, they have experienced therein.

Here is just one proof of it, a very rare but exquisite production in the Voice of the mere poet, folklorist, and intellectual Afroperuvian, Don Nicomedes Santa Cruz Gamarra, (another thing is the history of the "Ceviche" and the taste of the afroperuvian food, next in this blog, I will tell you were to go in Peru to enjoy real Peruvian gastronomy while we will continue distilling what is going on at the Metasemantic Web at this site):


... And the Music grew on us with Cecilia Barraza... "Toro Mata"

Thus the Afroperuvian music was recognized internationally in the voice of Celia Cruz

Enjoy it... Because it means that you are listen to the joy of Freedom as well.

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