Saturday, June 14, 2008

Metasemantic Analysis

I am sharing with you this response....

Let me parse your message, since I always assume good faith from people and of course I do it with you, especially because I have a sense of spiritual intelligence behind your actions, and out of my believe in communication and education, I going to be a little granular with you in here, why? Because you have shown me respect with some of your feedback and I want to honor you as a colleague.

"I was rather impressed with what you did."

Thank you, as you might have seen I combined very fairly all of our contributions, as our interpretations, I was looking to balance up the gaps within each part, I did left some typos or minor mistakes though but due to my left eye that it was closing somehow on me, and it did not allow me to read well. It took me some hours of work and patience to put that together and I thrill that you have wrote me this line. Therefore, you make my day with this line "C."

"I am interested to know where you got some of those statistical slides from..."

The most brutal mistake for this presentation was to use MS-Project, I think; why? It is a cage difficult to get out of it. I have version 2003 and the graphics exporting and PERT analysis packages that offers are just not very helpful. Of course, the software has some things that are powerful, and helpful, but you need to battle with it. For instance, the ability to "extrapolate" quickly from the Gantt views to any other table, like the resources graph and matrix, or the PERT pessimistic table or resource use table. These things facilitates a great deal the allocation and determination of resources for tasks but once everything is Dandy and flashy inside one's Project file, it is not when it comes the time to show the world your work. Point in case, I expended a fruitful amount of hours to get the delicate information that I input in the WBS and GBS of this project in MS-project but if was not that smooth to export it to PowerPoint. I could have done it altogether in Excel, in which I can graph and calculated almost every thing, form the most ridiculous degrees of sigma or STDDEVs to the most demanding Riemann or Lévesque integration or other "areas under or over the curve" with it.

Therefore for statistics, I would say Excel but not for cartography though or mind mapping. Sometimes, I use Mathematica from Wolfram or Maple Software from a Canadian group, to do the calculations, when the models or simulations are arduous and intensive and require more powerful software functionality. Lately, I have been working out of my own interest, in a group collaborating in notions of graph theory, trees, connectivity, distance in graphs, Eulerian, Hamiltonian and planar graphs, and graph colorings. One of the results of it is the Gvedit or Graphvis, also it is the output of the AT&T labs’ credit. This program uses a DOT language to create the most complex graphs. The curious thing is that because this language utilizes the extension name .dot for saving its files, they open in MS-Word, and you can edit these files with that but it is better of use Emacs, vi or just notepad instead, It is terribly easy to grasp for making complex critical path graphs with it. Find it at for free and under the Common Public License. Hope you like it and give me your feedback about it.

In this particular case, I used MS-project, I detailed all the information out of my experience and research as I used some of your information as well at the input stage, as I was getting cranky with MS-Project I used many other programs, including Excel. Remember I used data and I manipulated that data from scratch just to make sure. For example, you budget was 13,000,000 or more in part because you figure out, that each workstation will cost around $1,7000.00 or so and then you calculate licenses for each user. I accepted the Exchange server, licenses part as in one slide I inputted your information as is in one slide’s note. However, the analysis and closer inspection with MS-Project and other tools showed other things as well that end with other results and I am sure with a little more time, we could change many things. Therefore, for the statistics I could use the formulas of Excel, or evenly calculated by hand as needed. So this is how I extracted the statistical slides, by figuring out the Phases or milestones and then typing and analyzing the whole WBS in MS-Project, followed by inputting many weights at the entry widget of the PERT analysis also I used Excel, for the PERT's Time Estimate or TE formula.

"Do you possess some type of software that creates that based upon the info you received from us?" [This question is loaded. I t is identified as the metasemantic root of the whole message, for such is the proto-intentional engine behind this question. This is to collapse many interpretations of the metasemantic world. (This is just for the author who is currently studying memetic worlds as metasemantic communications) as he engages with others, the reader please never mind]

Now, in terms of the graphics, all I made from the scratch myself except from one of two that were very generic and inconsequential because, they were from one of the public domain archives and illustrated some or other point. Most of the Graphs that I made are based on the combination of others or out of my research, some are entirely mine. In any case, I strive to give credit to all the sources that provides me with inspiration, knowledge base or ideas. I do this by releasing most of my educational work under Creative Commons Share Alike version 3.0, and under the GFDL too sometimes. The reason, why I do this with my documentation and with my graphics, is that some people have published some of my work, making money in the interim, but without even given credit. For example in one of the slides is depicted a complete workflow, I did that form scratch with one of my software tools based on the figure of Richman's book; and so he and his book, figure and page, it is clearly cited in that slide. I am very protective of people intellectual, private and freedom rights, I believe that these rights typify our western culture and societies.

Exactly, what it has made ad hoc for this project? I made the theme of the presentation. How? Just with PowerPoint. Other graphic and the statistical information were made with a combination of tools.

I looked for prices in (I am sure you know this site) primary to make sure about the hardware. I just put some of my experience in building networks and internetworks, if you read the breakdown carefully you can find a down to the earth approach to solve the problems and with the mentality of going beyond into the scalability and Security areas of an email system. Therefore, the only thing I needed was to make sure the number of dollars since practically all the information I had it in my head but I always check and recheck. This is to say I believe in my memory but much more in my reason. Your approach was correct and in nature could work but was a little too expensive. Now, in order to manage files and information, I used different mapping tools too. I also use graphic tools mostly non-proprietary, like Graphvis. I like to code with [SVGs] Scalable Vector Graphic and XML whether using AJAX or Comet paradigms. I use sometimes Illustrator, or Photoshop, and Corel Paint with Blender and Rhino but and for video Edition I use Avis. There are plenty number of tools to develop good graphic, maps for GIS, that are essentially Open source, that I have used but you will be get tire if I continue, most people do, that is why, I am writing a book instead. Why open source? Well, you got the "bless" of the source code and you can them customize security from the kernel up, if it were an OS, for instance.

The other main thing is your hardware capabilities; I build my hardware but lately because price and quality I just buy it. Anyway, you cannot compiled nothing if you don't have the right engine, you need at least 4 gigs of RAM and double-core Quad [Whether be, AMD Xeon, or Intel Extreme] for say the least, and even though it could take you a long time to learn some sophisticated tools, like Rhino or Adobe CSPS3. That is why I prefer to use vectorized images rather than pixilated or bitmapped-rasterized pictures or graphs. However, this could take you to experience some grievances because not all browsers are created equal, they do not render equally the DOM [Document Object Model] objects the same. Firefox is "good", meaning, it is SVG compatible, as it is not the case with IE, it needs a plug-in, and this made the distribution of your image just a little sort of fuzzy and harsh for you.

In addition, If I would not have any computers I will do fine too, I still have my own hands, I studied Technical drafting and geometry descriptive since I was a 14 year-old, so I have plotted mechanical parts with my own hands all along and without any CAD software. If what we are talking were about Art, I teach myself to paint at the age of 10. Then, late on life and influence by the life of Gauguin and Van Gogh, I took formal art training in painting and sculpture not for one but for five years at the Art Students League of New York, exactly I paint oils, frescoes and pastels.

Painting from life and still life, it is marvelous, so I paint á la prima and with my hands, no with computers out of coping photographs or other's people work and without camera oscura. I paint with not other thing that my perception, perspective knowledge and skill in combining colors at once and at the spur of the moment, also I do it with passion and with the minimal regard for money. It was then as it is now, the art for the art sake. Finally, if my hands and my body, as it is somehow now, will refuse to aid me in my pursuit for beauty, I will use my mind and I will create substantial amount of images that if I would not be able to ever translate these to any media, I shall at least imagine them. I will, no matter what condition be free, because my freedom intrinsically rest in my principles and in my respect for the rights and believes of others as well.

I have dedicated my life to learning. Many things, I have learned then by myself, as most of us. I have partaken in formal academics, I attended classrooms and conferences, just to make sure I am in the right track, knowing that it is perhaps and overkill, since art and science are both learned by the determination and passion of the beholder. To understand what formally has been done and not because one could be recognized by a group, although this is good for surviving or for professional interests, all it is fine for me though.

You see there is something out there greater than men and ants, if you are truthful, really, it does not belong to our time, it transcends time boundaries and its entropic causation in which we currently live. It is like Keats' dictum "Beauty is Truth and truth is beauty", so as I don't understand many "social things" that are deeply rooted in the memes and spirits of the time in which people live, I don't mind them at all. Because, they seem to me just part of a culture and that it is very mutable in general. I am interested in the metasemantics of the things been learned or acquired, represented or understood, all images at last represent the same.

"At any rate it is exceptionally well done"

Now, this is another priceless statement for me it makes my life tremendously happy, but we, all of us, did exceptionally well for this project.

"I hope you feel better in the near future, I read some of what you and "P" spoke about regarding your health and I too am praying for your recovery."

Well, I have always to keep my difficulties to myself. I decided this time, that perhaps that was a terrible mistake and one of my main problems. Now, I am trying to share even my sufferings with others. I think I will be much better, as have always put this on my mind, but if I could not, I am doing my best to do my best in the mean time and until I could I would and must do just that.

"Take care"
Take care too "C", God provides to all men of good faith the ability to empathize with their neighbors. It is the Amazing Grace; we need to experience it, and eventually all of us we will have our “Coram Deo” moment. However, no matter what is our problem we have, we always can find beauty in everything that we do, all around us, because the beauty that we shall find in everything is simply God.

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