Thursday, June 19, 2008

From The Chronicles of The Metasemantic Web III: Thus spoke Seattlle: Metasemantic Webs-Metacultures: Uncrashing the Past into our Future

There is much controversy over the environment nowadays. We do not know for sure what words really spoke, the Chief Seatle or Seattle, but this we know: he has and statue, and it seems that he compromised and survived until his natural death.

Also, he had a friend in Dr. Smith, who translated his words. It appears that the poems or letters attributed to him were embellished at later time, for making movies, money or for other reasons, rather than to try to improve the lives of the first Americans, or Pre-Americans, or Pre-Columbians. They are called Indians due to a mistake, really.

I called them humans, humans that were profoundly degraded, almost exterminated, ripped-off of their lands and brutally and largely dehumanized in the name of many things because they just lost the war. Yes, it is the Spencerian categorization, the survival of the fittest; with less and less animals, less plants and more energy demands, instead of green our planet is becoming gray. I would like to see from where we are going to take more money, or where we are going to look for new Indians or slaves. Oh yes... I am so sorry, there is water in Mars! and oil or something else elsewhere in the galaxies, go get continue with the autopsy...

    "Man did not weave the web of life - he is merely a strand in it.
    Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."

    Chief Seattle, 1854.

Archaeologists, convinced that there is something more in the past, are looking really intensively in explaining to us how it was done in detail. National Geographic is graphical about one proven instance of the massacre, crash and war of two civilizations.

Again another mistake, it is called "conquista", ["Conquest"], and the winners are called using another euphemism, "Conquistadors", but in reality we all know what it was, don't we? While, we accept many things, we need to think of the consequences of these enterprises, for the whole world, including the world that we build for ourselves. Thousand of immigrants are coming

and continue coming, why is this occurring? We need to recognized that there are a lot of problems that are deeply rooted in another sort of cause that we cannot see, may be greedy, for survival and/or the thirst of put others down, I just do not know. A business is not a business while all what one is doing is taking goodies or labor from others by force, or by misleading contracts, agreements or licenses, and given it to your family or people. Yes, it was a war, but an unfair war, that for these people it would not have never an end. Rarely a war does, it never ends in a way, they stay somehow forever. So the fight continues and in the fighting we seem to be all embedded therein, as Willy Nelson will sing it, "After all these years".

Whether is was done thousand of years or just now. Look at what is happening in the middle east, unfortunately all the world is still kind of paying for something that was started some millenniums ago and far away from us.

Whatever the source of our problems is or would have been, as Polya, would tell us, we need to properly name it, define it that is, and make the necessary arrangements to improve this present for our future for the futures generations.

I do not think, we are doing this, so are we taking for granted the world peace that we have. It is very plausible that we are profiling another war, the third war world, WW version 3.0.
Whereby, we were having WWII.1 in the cold war, the WWII.5 the war for Kuwait and now we have the WWII.6, the holy war against the terrorism and lately we seem to be near to have a WWII.7, a world against our own environment. Some people say that is our nature, the brutish and evil nature of Man defined so well by Hobbes. The law of the Homo Homini Lupus.

I said, that incidentally, and definitely, there are some people that believe in supremacy, slavery, and war as the way of man. At any rage and for any reason under any social structure, epoch and within families, at the schools, at the job places, in the markets, these people appear somehow and evenly flourish as they are well-admired by people that think the same or like to think the same. They are very cohesive in nature, and so they organize.

As they seem to be very concreted up to the point to become binary thinkers at large, so for them is rather easy to make decisions, or it is war or it is peace, or they win or they loose, or you are white and you are not and so you are the rest. Fairness is not a principle for them, it is an issue, winning is all what it counts in the end, so they could utter: "Long live Machiavelli".

The second law of evolution: The survival of the fittest but based in mutual aid should be considered in here. Of course, once when we all are uploaded and saved into the "machine", then as Bill Joy stated and it would be perhaps easy to answer in here, "why the future does not need us"? It is rather obvious, isn't it?

Most likely, we are already an expendable number by now. Never mind, let us continue hunting and fishing and watching TV and playing golf though... Try to see the past ... then you see the
future, as above as below...

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