Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Oldest City of America

Sechin Bajo has been confirmed as 5,500 years old city by German and Peruvian Archeologists. The Archeological Institute of America has published in his magazine "Archeology," that Sechin Bajo is "the oldest monument of America," and points that the city presents a circular structure of 46 feet (14 meters), while the Peruvian "National Institute of Culture" in the voice of César Pérez stated "It's an impressive find; the scientific and archeology communities are very happy." Sechin Bajo is 500 years older than the city "Caral" (5,000 years old ) and it is located in "Casma" a 370 kilometers (circa 230 miles) away from the capital of Peru, Lima. Sechin Bajo places the American ancient culture as one of the only six places in which people started to live in cities some 5,000 years ago, together with, China, India, Mesopotamia, Mesoamerica, and Egypt.

Sechin Bajo Modeling by Dr. Peter R. Fuchs & Prof. Dr. Eng. Perter Mesenburg

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