Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pain in Oils and Oils in Canvas

If you believe in forgiveness, if you believe in something greater than you. Remember nobody is perfect, we are all in here, perhaps we believe that the color of our skin is important or that our culture is superior, with this we go imposing things on people. Let me tell you... time will show you otherwise.

Van Gogh and Gauguin understood what art is really about, and Picasso and Dalí et al., successfully learned how to exploit it well. I still admire all of them, though.

However, I admire Van Gogh the most because he painted in faith, with faith and for faith, after his experiences with those "ministries" for poverty.

Paul Gauguin, on the other hand, was able to leave behind him the European-centric vision and understood and painted other "skins" under beautiful inquiries. Martinique was and inspiration for him, and he put everything behind, i.e., money, power, politics and family, notwithstanding, he still is who he is... Pain, and suffering seem to be inevitable ... can you share it without imposing it?

I will come back to this comments, in the mean time I will play with a simpleton yo-yo.

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