Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Metasemantic Web - Part 1- The Mere Particles of Meaning: The Application of Morphogenesis into Project and Product Management

What I want to understand is up to what extent the most effective human collaboration could be obtained or increased by applying simple rules of behavior molded within virtual worlds under one predetermined goal or set of goals. Such as learning and its immediate application to action or for solving pervasive problems or mastering a subject or art.

The word should be Metabehavior, perhaps because I am interested on the behaviors that mold or determined other desire behaviors, all this includes seen people both, as part of the instrumentation for building metasemantic systems, and as recipients of it as well. Therefore it begins with the humans and loops back to them as well. In other words, the developers become users whereas some users could become developers too.

Only that the goal or the project could be extrinsically or spontaneously sponsored to group and systematized human minds, as connecting the dots, such as each dot is a mind that could decided whether or not to be grouped under certain endeavors. This is being done by perusing any collaborative systems of the Web 2.0 type and greater, such as those wikis for example, these are not other than a set of linked behaviors associated, organized and systematized by human intelligence or cultural bias [or mostly by a combination of both adding some emotional stupidity or nonsense] under one most often, or originally, altruistic and compelling reason.

It is like the "wikiconomization", or the "wikibalization" of the self, only that is not only the prefix wiki in all of the "flora" or phenomena, it is a matter of fact a wiki is just a rustic and small possibility of it, Youtube is another possibility for example as they are many of the sorts and They are others constantly appearing all over the cyberscape.

The fruits of such still-Human-Cognitive-Emotional-behavioral-semantic fields & the knowledge and information management systems are becoming to show [us] their wonders and now more and more this collaborative tools are often use by corporations as for individuals [for very different reason though], such are the Mash-ups and et al.,

What I believe is happening is that humans are in the process of creating the metasemantic web instead, the many consciousnesses of the entire human experience so far. Well, some people are trying to include one sided view of the schema, and here politics came into place, I will leave it as that at this point.

The Flat world 3.0 of Friedman can be greener as he wishes to be, but it involves communities made out of individuals, many individuals that are joined now by a simple set of rules throughout and whereby they can achieve their desired goals, and satisfy their needs for freedom, self-expression and self-concept, some individuals participate for constructive reasons and still others for destructive or for no other reason than their "magnetized" behavior towards something greater than them, just to belong to something, or to find the meaning for their empty lives by following a sympathetic determined swarmed website.

It is the interconnectivity of the Web and the software-as-a-Services [SaaS] that is causing these individuals to interact and create their avatars, their existential sense, as more products, services and fortunately some solutions are being found some of those virtual communities .... also they are serving as a way to share and challenge cultural differences.

These services are giving power to people for achieving something [apparently useful to them] and in this context these services are seemed like a memesis or as the mere particles of meaning, these SaaS are molding behaviors and could instantiate not only information but also surprisingly meaningful relationships... It seems that endless possibilities can be found out there...

In the mean time let us examine our lives too, perhaps we could find as Pygmalion or like Narcissus did, that ours is evenly more illusive than theirs ... all the way while we are thinking that we are doing "no evil". I will continue seeking and investigating... Too much to be learned over this regard

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