Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Deviant Recipe for Artists or How to boost your Creativity

I need to keep redoing this at all the time, Should I share it with you?:‼☺☻☺‼

SCAMPER Some Deviant Behaviors

☼ Substitute ♪
☼ Combine ♪♫
♪ Adapt ☼►◙♪♫
↕ Modify ► magnify ◄ minify☺
☻ Put to other uses ♥♣♦○
◘ Elaborate
¶ Rearrange ♀ reverse ◄ ªa ► rethink


"Relearn again and forget, then go back to your child vision" Avoid part or all on this formula ► {POV²+POM+POB}:

Looking throughout single points of View or using one single Color of Glasses, one size telescopes, 1x microscopes, one sided spectroscopy, forgetting to use your natural X Ray vision and your CAT Scanner::meaning your imagination, instincts and guts

√ POV = Avoid Singular Persistence of Vision or partial ½╟╜ visions.
√ POV = Avoid Singular Point of View ► Fanaticism

POM = Persistence of Memory (ies) ► Live in the present using the past for the future

Avoid Persistence and obsessive behaviors of unkindness, cruelty, cynicism, ill-intentioned or nonsense moods. Look for meaning or provide the context in which meaningful things could be developed, either by you or with/by others.

Avoid envious feelings, it will drain you, drive you crazy and it will "dry" or "Fry" most of your dreams, aspirations and goals. Remain human and follow your inner nature, this nature should be positive and constructive , but otherwise then you know what you have to do with it...

Do not avoid to be alone, but by all means enjoy the company of your fellow artists, those who where behind you, those who are coexisting with you, and those who are becoming or will come after you. Live the tree tenses or times, Past, Present and Future and the many complex variations thereof.

Moreover, everything that you do or say onto others is a boomerang, it will come back to you, but for this do not avoid conflict, slavery is the rewards of those that do just this. If the prison were made out of gold, it is still a prison, artists hate prisons, oppression or injustice, because to be free you need to remain ethical and well balance (there are many flavors of what is balance or what it means, it could be harmony, think in here on your own music and how it sounds when you play it for others. It is for the most part a maturity and evolving process within each life cycle at every effort, project or piece of work that you do or want to do::Therefore, envision the circumstance, it might be bigger than your perception, and much bigger than your imagination, then enhance your existence by acknowledging more of it).

However, for most of the artists freedom is their main source of inspiration, if they were prisoned because their ideals or art, then they would be evenly freer than before. Artist will remain independent not matter what. Art is intrinsically motivated and extrinsically activated, but you draw and paint the mere buttons that ignite your own fantasies and/or imaginations or disgrace and/or lamentations.

In conclusion, give and share and you will receive ...the same, perhaps it might be more or might be less, don't worry about receiving, just share, provide, support, empathize, contemplate, absorb, produce, mutate, do, even if you can't, do a little more, then enjoy it or better continue with another piece, perhaps you will find out that it is you what you are building from the scratch of your most deeper and inner self.

Finally, I hope that it is Creativity what you are about to select for your life and in every case anyway be one more element why our society triumphs; as it is known by now already as the most innovative society in all generations:: the artists society.

As for my humble case I just keep remembering the aforementioned thoughts...

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