Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pain in Oils and Oils in Canvas

If you believe in forgiveness, if you believe in something greater than you. Remember nobody is perfect, we are all in here, perhaps we believe that the color of our skin is important or that our culture is superior, with this we go imposing things on people. Let me tell you... time will show you otherwise.

Van Gogh and Gauguin understood what art is really about, and Picasso and Dalí et al., successfully learned how to exploit it well. I still admire all of them, though.

However, I admire Van Gogh the most because he painted in faith, with faith and for faith, after his experiences with those "ministries" for poverty.

Paul Gauguin, on the other hand, was able to leave behind him the European-centric vision and understood and painted other "skins" under beautiful inquiries. Martinique was and inspiration for him, and he put everything behind, i.e., money, power, politics and family, notwithstanding, he still is who he is... Pain, and suffering seem to be inevitable ... can you share it without imposing it?

I will come back to this comments, in the mean time I will play with a simpleton yo-yo.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Be connected, Live connected. Life is connections.

Well as I have been informed lately,a lot of people has concentrated in this image since I have posted in one social sharing sites, then, I need to explain one thing. I created it long time ago. thinking on how our lives has changed because the Internet.
Now, from my point of view, life is all connected. But the guy in the image is obviously isolated.

I don't think anyone wants to be connected in real life with him. It has become an "it". Therefore, the "it" goes over the web 2.0 and X.0s social spaces just to be reconnected somehow with people. His social life has all gone. Do you really want to connect with it? I don't think so.

Therefore, the real friends, those who you have grown and you are growing up with, those are your real connections keep them close to you. Help them grow, but not at your expense of course, and yes be an individual with perhaps few connections but all of them meaningful and healthy in your life. In the future you will find out who was a genuine friend and what is real friendship.

Therefore, having a web presence is important but not as much as enjoying the simple things and challenges that a normal life has to offer. Like drink a milkshake or just watch a sunset, it is never the same... every sunset is unique as everyone in this planet is.

Well, that is my interpretation though, you can make up your own.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Deviant Recipe for Artists or How to boost your Creativity

I need to keep redoing this at all the time, Should I share it with you?:‼☺☻☺‼

SCAMPER Some Deviant Behaviors

☼ Substitute ♪
☼ Combine ♪♫
♪ Adapt ☼►◙♪♫
↕ Modify ► magnify ◄ minify☺
☻ Put to other uses ♥♣♦○
◘ Elaborate
¶ Rearrange ♀ reverse ◄ ªa ► rethink


"Relearn again and forget, then go back to your child vision" Avoid part or all on this formula ► {POV²+POM+POB}:

Looking throughout single points of View or using one single Color of Glasses, one size telescopes, 1x microscopes, one sided spectroscopy, forgetting to use your natural X Ray vision and your CAT Scanner::meaning your imagination, instincts and guts

√ POV = Avoid Singular Persistence of Vision or partial ½╟╜ visions.
√ POV = Avoid Singular Point of View ► Fanaticism

POM = Persistence of Memory (ies) ► Live in the present using the past for the future

Avoid Persistence and obsessive behaviors of unkindness, cruelty, cynicism, ill-intentioned or nonsense moods. Look for meaning or provide the context in which meaningful things could be developed, either by you or with/by others.

Avoid envious feelings, it will drain you, drive you crazy and it will "dry" or "Fry" most of your dreams, aspirations and goals. Remain human and follow your inner nature, this nature should be positive and constructive , but otherwise then you know what you have to do with it...

Do not avoid to be alone, but by all means enjoy the company of your fellow artists, those who where behind you, those who are coexisting with you, and those who are becoming or will come after you. Live the tree tenses or times, Past, Present and Future and the many complex variations thereof.

Moreover, everything that you do or say onto others is a boomerang, it will come back to you, but for this do not avoid conflict, slavery is the rewards of those that do just this. If the prison were made out of gold, it is still a prison, artists hate prisons, oppression or injustice, because to be free you need to remain ethical and well balance (there are many flavors of what is balance or what it means, it could be harmony, think in here on your own music and how it sounds when you play it for others. It is for the most part a maturity and evolving process within each life cycle at every effort, project or piece of work that you do or want to do::Therefore, envision the circumstance, it might be bigger than your perception, and much bigger than your imagination, then enhance your existence by acknowledging more of it).

However, for most of the artists freedom is their main source of inspiration, if they were prisoned because their ideals or art, then they would be evenly freer than before. Artist will remain independent not matter what. Art is intrinsically motivated and extrinsically activated, but you draw and paint the mere buttons that ignite your own fantasies and/or imaginations or disgrace and/or lamentations.

In conclusion, give and share and you will receive ...the same, perhaps it might be more or might be less, don't worry about receiving, just share, provide, support, empathize, contemplate, absorb, produce, mutate, do, even if you can't, do a little more, then enjoy it or better continue with another piece, perhaps you will find out that it is you what you are building from the scratch of your most deeper and inner self.

Finally, I hope that it is Creativity what you are about to select for your life and in every case anyway be one more element why our society triumphs; as it is known by now already as the most innovative society in all generations:: the artists society.

As for my humble case I just keep remembering the aforementioned thoughts...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jimi Hendrix: The Eternal Experience from Last Century

All along the WatchTower
There are many versions out there: I Like to watch this two

In Black and White:

The talent of the 60s

In Color;

..and Another Performance

One of the earliest Video on Hendrix


Last century music that still echoes our future:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Metasemantic Web - Part 1- The Mere Particles of Meaning: The Application of Morphogenesis into Project and Product Management

What I want to understand is up to what extent the most effective human collaboration could be obtained or increased by applying simple rules of behavior molded within virtual worlds under one predetermined goal or set of goals. Such as learning and its immediate application to action or for solving pervasive problems or mastering a subject or art.

The word should be Metabehavior, perhaps because I am interested on the behaviors that mold or determined other desire behaviors, all this includes seen people both, as part of the instrumentation for building metasemantic systems, and as recipients of it as well. Therefore it begins with the humans and loops back to them as well. In other words, the developers become users whereas some users could become developers too.

Only that the goal or the project could be extrinsically or spontaneously sponsored to group and systematized human minds, as connecting the dots, such as each dot is a mind that could decided whether or not to be grouped under certain endeavors. This is being done by perusing any collaborative systems of the Web 2.0 type and greater, such as those wikis for example, these are not other than a set of linked behaviors associated, organized and systematized by human intelligence or cultural bias [or mostly by a combination of both adding some emotional stupidity or nonsense] under one most often, or originally, altruistic and compelling reason.

It is like the "wikiconomization", or the "wikibalization" of the self, only that is not only the prefix wiki in all of the "flora" or phenomena, it is a matter of fact a wiki is just a rustic and small possibility of it, Youtube is another possibility for example as they are many of the sorts and They are others constantly appearing all over the cyberscape.

The fruits of such still-Human-Cognitive-Emotional-behavioral-semantic fields & the knowledge and information management systems are becoming to show [us] their wonders and now more and more this collaborative tools are often use by corporations as for individuals [for very different reason though], such are the Mash-ups and et al.,

What I believe is happening is that humans are in the process of creating the metasemantic web instead, the many consciousnesses of the entire human experience so far. Well, some people are trying to include one sided view of the schema, and here politics came into place, I will leave it as that at this point.

The Flat world 3.0 of Friedman can be greener as he wishes to be, but it involves communities made out of individuals, many individuals that are joined now by a simple set of rules throughout and whereby they can achieve their desired goals, and satisfy their needs for freedom, self-expression and self-concept, some individuals participate for constructive reasons and still others for destructive or for no other reason than their "magnetized" behavior towards something greater than them, just to belong to something, or to find the meaning for their empty lives by following a sympathetic determined swarmed website.

It is the interconnectivity of the Web and the software-as-a-Services [SaaS] that is causing these individuals to interact and create their avatars, their existential sense, as more products, services and fortunately some solutions are being found some of those virtual communities .... also they are serving as a way to share and challenge cultural differences.

These services are giving power to people for achieving something [apparently useful to them] and in this context these services are seemed like a memesis or as the mere particles of meaning, these SaaS are molding behaviors and could instantiate not only information but also surprisingly meaningful relationships... It seems that endless possibilities can be found out there...

In the mean time let us examine our lives too, perhaps we could find as Pygmalion or like Narcissus did, that ours is evenly more illusive than theirs ... all the way while we are thinking that we are doing "no evil". I will continue seeking and investigating... Too much to be learned over this regard

Now let's watch this video:

It will continue...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Faces of Art

This video has some of the most beautiful paintings ever painted.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Leonardo's Face

Siegfried Woldhek explains very clearly his theory about Leonardo Da Vinci's Face. Good Video.

If you want to know more about the work of Mr. Woldhek, here is his Blog click here

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

La Peruanización de Chile - Peruvianization of Chile

The Truth Behind the Pisco - La Verdad sobre el Pisco. En este video se ve claro de dónde realmente es el Pisco. [Videos in Spanish]

Primera Parte

Segunda Parte

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