Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Ruminated Apple


Wow! Life by itself is the most difficult subject to learn, it just takes all your life and after one Life-cycle you are perhaps just starting to understand something about it, more likely so, if you become educated! Because, education allows you to learn from the knowledge learned by others, and more importantly, it is to learn those inquiries (subjects) that have taken and are taking many thousands life-cycles to grasp, document and applied to improve our way of living. Education is a shortcut and it is an anthology, a compilation of our very best, so we can repeat it and also of our very worse, so we won't dare to do it again.

Notwithstanding, I am glad to be enrolled in this course [Life] even though nobody have formally, asked me to be enrolled in it, and before I knew it, I was getting registered in at the maternity unit of some unknown hospital. For the some part of my life I did not know that I existed at all. Now, that I know better, I so embarrassed thinking about my mother changing those pampers. I just did not know that I was a part of this huge class, but it seems that enrollment has rapidly increased since I have born and now we have around 6 billion or so of students in class. What can I say? I am living a class that I don’t know when will be ended but I know it will continue after my existence, and paradoxically this seems perfectly fine for me, it is natural to die; moreover, I willingly want to stay in it for as long as I must! Gosh! I am ‘fighting’ every minute for being in here even though my growing bills and pains keep rolling every day or so.

What do you think or for this matter feel? I am curious about your ‘take’ on this. Therefore poste it in here when you fell like it.

A moment of reflection or rumination every day is like eating “one apple a day” only that instead to keep the doctors away from you, keeps the psychiatrists, psychotherapists, mind-readers, gurus, shamans, astrologers, counselors, social workers, case planners, financial advisers, lawyers, and a cadre of others like them, away, especially from your pockets. You only need an effective mind-opener, i.e. a teacher or perhaps my blog or many blogs, to assist you to acquire those skills needed to be an effective life-long learner within our global class in which many people are learning as well as competing for the same limited resources.

Therefore the recipe at hand is: For your metabolic diet: Eat one apple a day, and on the other hand, for your metacognition diet: take a brief moment for conducting one elemental reflection or rumination per day [Self-awareness].

There is happiness in harmony too. Reflecting on yourself or others or both, enhance your chance for obtaining a positive balance, tolerance and proper understanding of your circumstance and how to go about your needs and objectives. Your comments are always welcomed and highly appreciated.

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