Friday, June 08, 2007

My Art is just living-Being a Human Being

I feel that a great part of being a human being consists in expressing thoughts, [whether these are conceptual or non-conceptual, i.e., a priori] sensations, observations, feelings and emotions. The behavior of my art is hyperactive after rather random periods of prolonged contemplation. When I paint, I enjoy the most doing it using Oils; but l have produced some paintings in gauche, watercolors, temperas, and pastels.

I worked in wax as in clay or wood and stones as well to create my 3D forms or sculptures. I have designed, and produced Jewelry with diamonds and other color precious stones. I created logos and posters for several companies or commercial and educational events. I enjoyed working in Photoshop, and GIMP. I have produced, directed and written scripts for "shorts" created for academic dissemination.

I consider that my art is living. I am a multi-disciplinarian and since we are living again the dark ages but in its digitalized version, far from being a crusader, I see my self as a compacted renaissance man. I will work until the end of my days. Living is communicating, and learning how to bring beauty to one's own life while changing uncontrollably the unknown and obscure to a yet another unknown; but with this new version, we somehow could build one or perhaps many pleasant paradigms for helping us to cope with whatever the reality outside us is. From this "neounknown" we then, could foresee possible futures, all of which we, kind of, do not want to calculate it with exact
precision either, e.g. few people want to know in what day, at what time and how they would eventually die. We even do not want to think about it. I remember in here, those thoughts attributed to Socrates, "Those who know how to die, Sure they know how to live".

Art is many things as for the many people of the world, each has their own way of perceiving it, but even though we all appreciated it when we see it. Then, Art "acts" for us like a door that "opens", before our mind's eyes, all our knowledge, ignorance and wonder, almost at once and with such an intensity that we could recognize it instantaneously, even if we do not know what that object means, we are attracted to it. Perhaps it does not matter, at all, to know it but to feel it. Nietzsche wrote : "It is not the duration, it is the intensity what makes a feeling superior." Art is Art because resolves our living with a meaningful minimum set of impressions, expressions or both at the same time and forever. Keats in his "Ode the Urn Greek" explain to us: "Truth is Beauty, Beauty is truth." That is it! You have experienced eternity and this will form part of you. It will never change in you no matter how many times you think you have changed. It will remain the same. Hence and thereof we have always this human urgency or need to search for all things that we consider Art.

It all depends what you are looking for or even though Art can awake you when you were not even looking for, aware of or paying attention to it. It traps you. Therefore impels and propels our most deepest emotions. It gives us a direction, a purpose, a sense with full desires. Opens our Skinner's box. Injects full ideas in our blood and dilates our arteries and pupils. It makes us conscious of our existence.

Point blank, the only fact of being able to survive one minute more, as being alive and knowing it, constitutes art. Therefore, as Siddhartha emphasized, my truly profession is to know myself as I found out this today,
and Gurdjieff and Outspenky knew it all along. Art is just living.

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